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Posted on September 29, 2016

Electric water hammock

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Picture yourself in a hammock gliding across a lake. If you like that image, you may be interested in the MelloShip. 
The MelloShip is the world's first solar powered, motorized hammock boat. Its inventor, James Womack of Princeton NJ, recently launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign with the goal of raising the funds necessary to do the first production run of the MelloShip.
The essence of the MelloShip is the combination of two incredibly relaxing sensations: resting in a hammock and floating on water. Add the electric motor and things get more interesting because now you can take your hammock for a drive. Speed and steering are easily controlled with the hand-held waterproof remote control.
The doubles option allows for two hammocks to be suspended in air side by side. With a 500 pound weight limit the MelloShip is perfect for two people to enjoy nature together.
The MelloShip can also be customised for other uses. You can removed the hammocks, use the floor option and pop up seats and set up for a picnic. There are drink holders, speaker holders, cooler tie-down flaps, fishing pole holders and even an extended yoga floor option. Drop anchor and practice your salutation in the middle of the lake.
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The MelloShip is environmentally friendly - no noise pollution, no water pollution and a solar panel that changes the battery. The MelloShip is safe, due to a low center of gravity and a wide pontoon stance, it is essentially unflappable. The pontoons are inflatable, very strong, and contain four separate chambers.
The MelloShip was first conceived and built in Nicaragua where Womack has lived on the Pacific Coast for the past 12 years. In the Spring of 2015 he built the first one for himself out of PVC tubes, fence posts and wire. After his first ride, he realised that this was something he needed to bring to the world. 18 months, endless work and many prototypes later, the MelloShip landed in the USA.
Source and images: MelloShip
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