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Posted on November 14, 2016

Analysts: IDTechEx needs you!

IDTechEx specializes in the deliberately overlapping subjects of wearable, printed and 3D electronics, electric vehicles and mobile robotics, energy harvesting and storage, advanced materials and components, Internet of Things, RFID and sensors. We offer events, teaching forums, consultancy, reports and portals across the world on all of them. We try to see the future and write and present on complex things in a simple and lucid manner. Often we lead companies into new product areas and have the satisfaction of helping them succeed. Having made a profit in all of our sixteen years and created an enviable reputation across the world we are now in a period of rapid expansion.
CEO Raghu Das explains, "We are looking for analysts and sales people in Florida, Silicon Valley, the UK and Japan. With no borrowing and with money in the bank, we are a safe and successful company to join. There are ample opportunities to travel and full training will be provided in giving presentations, forecasting, finding and helping future customers and so on. Most of our staff travel to interesting places all over the world. If you like the small company environment where you can have an impact and personality and not just be a cog in the machine then please contact us. Analysts need an honours degree or PhD in a science or engineering subject. Having another language beyond English is a bonus but not essential."
Interested? Go to External Link to learn more.