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Posted on March 07, 2017

Development of quantum secured architectures for electric vehicles

Electric Vehicle Energy Harvesting/Regeneration 20
The Russian Quantum Center (RQC) Interactive Fully Electrical Vehicles (I-FEVS) and Istituto PM (IPM) announced a new cooperation aimed to foster the development of solutions in the field of electronic quantum secured architectures for next generation road-air-water electric vehicles.
RQC, I-FEVS and IPM will cooperate sharing their know-how and the technical skills acquired in their respective fields. I-FEVS will take advantage of RQC's unique expertise in quantum cryptography. RQC will take advantage of the I-FEVS highly partitioned EE intra-board network to finalise the development of its novel quantum secure fiber optics system.
The collaboration is intended to enforce the running projects funded by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia and Russian Science Foundation on low cost quantum electronics solutions for autonomous vehicles in a partnership involving RQC, IPM and I-FEVS.
The I-FEVS 4WD urban vehicle developed thanks to grants of the European Commission will be used to experiment the novel technologies.
"We are proud to have established relevant cooperation with I-FEVS and IPM, it's our first cooperation in the automotive field", states Ruslan Yunusov, CEO of RQC, "these two companies have amazing assets and an extended R&D network which includes a hundred European companies. We look very forward to working with them".
Pietro Perlo, President of I-FEVS explained that "We are delighted by the opportunity to work with RQC and IPM, in view of assuring the continuous introduction of state-of-the-art technology developments into our EU-MOBY urban mobility platform". IPM's President Konstantin Zvezdin added "we strongly believe that this partnership will open the door to breakthrough quantum technologies into the automotive industry."
Source and top image: Russian Quantum Centre
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