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Posted on April 04, 2017

Toyota to conduct hybrid boat feasibility study in Tokyo

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Specifically, Toyota will loan the hybrid "PONAM-28V" model to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government with no charge. In addition to its use for the maintenance of piers and other port facilities at the Port of Tokyo, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will use the PONAM-28V for visits to Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games venues along the Tokyo Bay waterfront by the relevant parties. In addition, the PONAM-28V will also be utilized for canal tours at the Port of Tokyo for Tokyo residents and visitors.
By adopting the parallel hybrid system in a leisure craft, Toyota is striving to assure customers of the cruising range by utilizing two types of power generators―the engine and electric motor. Furthermore, the EV(Electric Vehicle) mode cruising realizes low emissions, high fuel efficiency, and low noise levels. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will provide the hybrid boat's operational data to Toyota, to help validate the overall performance of the hybrid system, and to verify the convenience and improvement areas of hybrid boats.
Toyota has thus far released the 35-foot "PONAM-35", 31-foot "PONAM-31", and 28-foot "PONAM-28V". Toyota will continue to work on its marine business, developing appealing mobility products in the nautical field so as to attain the goal of providing customers with a fulfilling lifestyle.
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Source and top image: Toyota
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