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Printed organic photovoltaics

By developing self-adhesive OPV-films, OPVIUS together with S+L Selbstklebeprodukte GmbH are broadening the horizons for OPV products and OPV integration. Imbedding OPVIUS modules in transparent carrier materials, for example glass or foil membranes, has been possible for some time. Their integration into laminated polycarbonate sheets was recently presented as part of an installation at the Climate-Pavilion at the State Horticultural Show in Thüringen.
The integration techniques developed up until now are mainly aimed at integration, that is to say embedding the module in the carrier material by way of a lamination procedure. This is generally limited to transparent materials and predominantly serves the market for original equipment manufacturers. OPVs can be integrated directly into construction materials whilst they are manufactured, and are therefore installed together with these materials. By developing self-adhesive OPVIUS products, an additional solution can now be provided that will be of interest when retrofitting existing surfaces, as well as for use on non-transparent carrier materials.
S+L Selbstklebeprodukte GmbH's many years of experience working with stickers for public transport as well as the manufacturing of classic car decals is of central interest to OPVIUS GmbH. Their expertise in various applications, processing procedures, and working with new technologies in the field of foils, all build the foundations of a joint collaboration. Combined with OPVIUS' production technology and the resulting freedom in terms of colour and form, this expertise will enable users to obtain customised products that are easy to install. This will significantly expand the range of applications of printed organic photovoltaics.
"By developing self-adhesive OPV foils, we can bring our products further into the market, and make them available to an additional user-group. OPVIUS stickers provide many new solutions, particularly for already existing surfaces" says Hermann Issa, Senior Director, Business Development and Sales, OPVIUS. "The need for high quality in order to ensure a good and lasting adhesive bond is frequently underestimated. In this regard, in terms of cooperation, S+L Selbstklebeprodukte GmbH was our first choice for implementation. It has paid off."
Christian Lins, Business Director of S+L Selbstklebeprodukte GmbH added: "A good adhesion needs to work both visually and flawlessly in terms of function, and needs to last in both indoor and outdoor settings. In addition, we had to look at the properties of the OPVs, and adjust our stickers to the OPVIUS products. Here, our great wealth of experience of adhesion to a large range of substrates, for example trains and buses, paid off, as they also need to be long-lasting and visually perfect under conditions of constant exposure."
Source and top image: OPVIUS
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