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GE and Juice Technologies enter the mainstream with PEV charge devices

GE and Juice Technologies are jointly developing intelligent plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) charging devices for the U.S. and global markets.
The chargers will integrate GE's smart meters with Juice Technology's Plug Smart™ engine so consumers can charge their cars during low-demand and lower cost time periods.
Smart chargers will hasten acceptance of plug-in cars by making them more attractive to both consumers and utilities. Consumers will benefit by receiving the lowest-possible charging rates for their cars. Utilities will be able to better control the demand for electricity and take on the added load of electric vehicles without over taxing their grids. Utilities will also realize greater value from their capital equipment during overnight and other low-demand times, when it is substantially less utilized.
"Our smart charging system and advanced technology have been in development over the past two years," said Rich Housh, CEO of Juice Technologies in a recent statement. "We've collaborated with utilities and with Ohio State University's Center for Automotive Research to develop the right solution for both utilities and consumers."
Electric vehicles began shipping in volume across the United States in 2010. Charging stations will be needed to meet the growing consumer demand.
"Plug-in electric vehicles will become the new transportation reality," added Bob Gilligan, vice president— transmission and distribution for GE Energy Services. "These chargers will help consumers use electric cars as cost-effectively as possible, speeding their adoption—lowering our carbon footprint and dependence on foreign oil. Smart chargers will make it easier and more cost effective to power clean, efficient cars with electricity made from clean, domestic sources."
Initial chargers will be available in the United States in the second quarter of 2010, with full-scale production ramping up throughout the year. Global availability will follow.
Source: GE Energy
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