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Acoustic positioning is integrated into REMUS AUVs

A subsidiary of leading marine solutions company Kongsberg has successfully integrated High Precision Acoustic Positioning (HiPAP) into their REMUS AUVs. These are pure electric vehicles.
The ancillary company Hydroid has provided an additional navigational facet to the REMUS' through highly accurate acoustic positioning systems, derived from the company's Super Short Base Line principle.
This HiPAP solution uses a surface vessel-mounted spherical acoustic array, processor and transponder mounted on the REMUS to calculate the vessels precise position when in range of its mother ship by transferring information acoustically. When amalgamated with additional operational information, such as heading, the system can calculate a 3D subsea position of the AUV in near real time. Advanced transducer technology and sophisticated digital signal processing allow the HiPAP system to relay information that can be used to track the craft and update or bind the vessel's position. Five variants of the HiPAP system are available commercially.
The company offers three electric REMUS designs, the 100, 600 and 6000, increasing comparably in size, ruggedness and maximum dive depth. The REMUS 100 has recently been added to the rental line available from Kongsberg.
Last year Hydroid was awarded a contract worth $8.4 million to produce Littoral Battlespace Sensing (LBS) AUVs and supporting systems. Five options are available and if all are implemented could raise the overall contract value to $77.7 million. Distribution of the product is scheduled to begin in March 2012 and continue into 2017.
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Image source: Hydro International
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