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Posted on August 06, 2012 by Dr Peter Harrop

20,000 EVs in a smart grid

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If you want to build a really 'smart' grid' you should perhaps incorporate 20,000 electric cars from the same company. That is the intention of the city of Hangzhou in China, so it is placing one of the largest single orders for EVs in China or indeed the world.
The company they are buying them from is Kandi. Being the same, the cars will have swappable battery packs, apparently emulating what Better Place of Israel is doing in Israel and Denmark. The two-seat car is a copy of the Smart in Germany. Hangzhou is taking it a step further because the cars will also be Vehicle-to-Grid capable with the utility owning the battery and leasing the cars.
In 2010, Shares of Kandi Technologies (KNDI) had surged after the company announced it launched their lithium ion battery based electric car, the KD5011, which features a range of 200 - 230km per charge. The previous model (KD5010) had used a lead-acid rechargeable battery and it had a driving range of 100-150km per charge. Kandi also announced that the new model is eligible for national subsidies of up to $9K per vehicle in all pilot cities (currently five and likely to grow) designated by the Chinese government. This is significant news for Kandi and solidifies them as a top tier electric car play in China. The shares surged more than 15% following the news.
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On 11 July 2011, it had been announced that Kandi Technolgies Corp. had signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hangzhou Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd., effective July 5, 2011. Hangzhou Electric Vehicle Service Co., a professional service company affiliate of State Grid Corporation, is assisting the local municipal government in launching the 20,000 pure electric vehicle pilot program for Hangzhou consumers through the end of 2012.
The strategic cooperation will establish a strong relationship through which Kandi's pure electric vehicles will become a preferred vehicle of choice for Hangzhou Electric Vehicle Service Co. and will leverage and promote Kandi's unique Express Change business model. Under the agreement, Hangzhou Electric Vehicle Service Co. will ensure that the service network being built by State Grid will support Kandi's technical.requirement and infrastructure needs, while permitting efficient and effective operation of Kandi's EVs.
On 21 February 2012, Kandi Technologies Corp. started vertical integration. It announced that the company has entered into a Share Exchange Agreement (Agreement) to acquire Yongkang Scrou Electric. Co., Ltd. (Scrou), a Chinese manufacturer of motors and related products for Electric Vehicles (EVs).
Dr Peter Harrop

Authored By: Dr Peter Harrop


Posted on: August 6th 2012