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Linkker starts EV bus production based on VISEDO drive train

On 29th of August Finnish electric bus manufacturer Linkker Oy announced in financial newspaper 'Tekniikka&Talous' that the manufacturing on their VISEDO electric drive train based bus will begin. The first test buses are expected to be on the road already by the end of this year.
Even as a company Linkker is quite new the bus concept has been already proven in real operation. The basic design is based on the eBus project governed by VTT (Technical research Center of Finland) and has been already in use since 2012 in the concept bus built by Metropolia University. The eBus also took part in a test organized by a major bus operator where it was found to be extremely efficient by consuming below 0,7 kWh/km energy - where other buses could achieve at minimum 15% higher consumption figures.
One of the reasons besides the efficient drive train for the low consumption figures is the light aluminium frame developed by another Finnish bus manufacturer Kabus Oy. The 12m frame itself is even 3 tons lighter than in a standard bus.
"The first concept bus design was more ready for production than was even expected and we got really good results on the suitability in Finnish conditions," comments Kimmo Erkkilä, Managing Director at Linkker Oy.
Mr. Erkiilä knows this subject well as he was previoulsy in charge of testing the electric buses at VTT. The exprience of the project continues as the technical director of Linkker Oy is Sami Ruotsalainen who was heavily involved with the eBus project while working at Metropolia - as a second interesting fact is that he also worked as the Chief Engineer for the record braking E-RA supercar also powered by VISEDO drives.
FACTS on LINKKER electric bus:
  • Total length: 12 meter
  • Weight: 9 500 kg
  • Passenger capacity: 69
  • Kabus aluminium frame
  • Range: 30-50 km
  • Battery: Lithium Titanate 40-48kWh battery
  • Motor: VISEDO PowerDRUM
  • Inverters for motor and charging: VISEDO PowerMASTER
Source and top image: VISEDO
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