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Posted on March 25, 2016

Smart Materials, Electric Vehicles: The Future Revealed

Electric Vehicle Energy Harvesting/Regeneration 20
Uniquely the IDTechEx Show! in Berlin on 27-28 April ( External Link) reveals the future of electric vehicle technology and other green technologies. Chairman Dr Peter Harrop: "We have selected the visionary speakers and achievers from Greece to Poland. We display the world record breaking solar racer from the Netherlands. However, we do not stop there because a comprehensive view must present the best worldwide so NASA speaks and we fly in the CEO of EVX in Australia to explain how he will produce road-legal solar sports cars that never plug in. Smart materials are a major part of our events with over 150 exhibitors, 2500 paying delegates, eight parallel conferences and, on 26 and 29 April, 24 global experts teaching Masterclasses and hosting visits to local centres of excellence on the subjects. We shun PR pitches from the obvious companies. Daimler and Toyota speak but it is on their future fuel cell vehicle rollouts".
IDTechEx does analyst driven events, publications and consultancy on electric vehicles and many other green technologies. Many of its analysts have PhDs and they travel the world, presenting, advising and picking up the latest information and intentions in order to see the future. They provide clients with technological roadmaps, assessments and opportunities. One strong trend now is the abandonment of the components-in-a-box assembly technologies of the last hundred years in place of merged mechanical, electronic and electrical systems. Structural electronics is now part of extreme lightweighting for everything from our topic of wearable electronics to electric vehicles land, water and air.
Solid-State and Polymer Batteries 2017-2027
"It is often becoming a materials play now, so do not be surprised that the world's largest chemical company Sabic is presenting alongside solar road experts in our conference, 'Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing'. The future is not an extrapolation of the past. We have the only show in the world where you can flit between lectures and exhibits on everything from graphene to photovoltaics and sensors. Take electronically smart textiles. There are four presentations and also exhibition stands and masterclasses on them. Our 3D printing conference, exhibits and masterclass reveal rapid advances in the materials and applications but also forecast the huge opportunities for new 3DP materials desperately needed in everything from aerospace to healthcare. The world of microwatts up to megawatts is becoming a continuum of fabulous opportunities for intermediate materials suppliers, electronics and systems players but first they need to meet each other. Robotics, energy harvesting, energy storage and electric vehicle technology are converging so we cover all of these at this one event, explaining how it will happen. "
Join us at the IDTechEx Show! in Berlin on 27-28 April and find out more - External Link
Learn more at the next leading event on the topic: Energy Independent Electric Vehicles 2017 External Link on 27 - 28 Sep 2017 in TU Delft, Delft, Netherlands hosted by IDTechEx.