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Posted on April 11, 2016

New e-bike and scooter with original design

ETT Industries has announced the global launch of RAKER and TRAYSER electric bikes. Designed for the urban commuter, the bikes are now available to pre-order and will be shipping to customers within 90 days.
RAKER and TRAYSER are constructed with a patented monocoque frame - the same concept used for F1 cars, but applied in a way previously unseen in bike design. The result is a sharp, dynamic and proportioned look and both have won prestigious IF Design Awards.
CEO and Founder of ETT Industries, New Zealander, Jay Wen, gained his Masters in Automotive Design in Milan and honed his skills in automotive and transportation design with brands including Peugeot and Citroen. ETT now has offices across three continents, blending highly adept transport design and technology to meet the growing demand for eBikes across the globe.
RAKER is perfect for the urban rider. Electrically powered, using a standard plug socket at the home or office a single five hour charge powers the bike to a range of at least 40 miles.
Jay Wen "We've seen guys who own expensive cars and boats but as soon as they get on one of these bikes, their faces light up like kids. It's so cool to see as that's exactly what I set out to do; to make people happy through my vehicles. We've looked at the market and there really is nothing else like it. eBikes are on the up but we believe that our design and sheer scope of custom options are unique".
With speeds up to 28mph, RAKER is available in four standard colours at launch: Gloss Yellow Pearl (Paint Finish), Gloss White Pearl (Paint Finish), Matte Black (Anodised Aluminium), Matte Silver (Anodised Aluminium.
With the commuter in mind, TRAYSER, an electrically assisted pedal cycle (EPAC), shares its frame concept with its bigger brother. With only a three hour charge, TRAYSER has a 60 mile range. In the spirit of being a true human-electric hybrid vehicle, the more energy put into the pedals, the further the range on a single charge. With minimal effort, the bike's electric motor can power the rider up to 15 mph.
TRAYSER is available in four standard colours at launch: Gloss Solar Blue (Paint Finish), Gloss White Pearl (Paint Finish), Gloss Light Grey (Paint Finish), Gloss Metallic Dark Grey (Paint Finish).
Unique to the ETT range, is the personalisation brought by ETT's wide range of 3D printed accessories. ETT will offer 3D printable products, the range of accessories is vast, including cup holders, mounts, storage compartments and much more, which will be added to every month. Customers will be able to order parts with a single click and have them delivered directly to their home.
ETT also provides spare parts that can be 3D printed at home such as additional accessories, upgrades and fitments. Many will be provided free of charge, to download directly from ETT's website. ETT seeks to foster a community of owners and fans, encouraging customers to design parts for their bikes and share those designs (including detailed drawings, measurements and schematics) amongst the community.
Jay Wen added, "When customers buy our bikes, we want them to feel they are buying into our vision, but also that they are able to inject their own personality into them. Both models are completely raw and we love them that way, but we also know people will like to make them their own. Offering a load of customisable 3D printed accessories is our way of helping them achieve this. ETT is all about expressing yourself, and we believe we've made the best platform to enable that."
Source and images: ETT Industries
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