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Posted on August 02, 2016

Lightweight water jet system adds propulsion to water sports

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Water sports just got a whole lot easier. Bixpy, a start up out of San Diego, has created a jet propulsion system that can be used by kayakers, standup paddle boarders, divers and other water-sports enthusiasts. The jet, which weighs about 2lbs can drive a kayak or paddle board, and its riders, at about 11km/hr for 15 to 25 km with one battery charge.
The jet has different attachments available so users can adapt its use for multiple sports. The motor can easily attach to anything that will float, from a kayak to paddle board. There is also an attachment that allows it to become handheld, for divers and swimmers. Whatever a user chooses to attach the jet to, they will find the vessel will move with ease and speed. Each attachment is sold separately and prices range. The least expensive attachment, the swim jet, starts at $750. While the most expensive are the kayak and stand up paddle board attachments at $999 a piece.
The Bixpy jets are powered with lithium-ion batteries so it can last for a long time on the water. It is obviously water proof, but the jet is also salt water resistant so it can be used in any body of water.
Bixpy is raising funds through Kickstarter this summer and should be shipping by the end of the year.
Source and images: Bixpy
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