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Posted on September 07, 2016

Edorado Marine's new electric hydrofoil powerboat

Edorado Marine, based in the Netherlands, has introduced the Edorado 7S electric boat which uses a unique hydrofoil design allowing it to ride above the water with very low drag to increase speed and range.
Hydrofoils dramatically reduce the energy consumption compared to a planing hull. That's why our Edorado's marriage between foils and batteries is so successful. The Edorado 7S easily offers the range for your most boat trips.
The powerful motors will pop the Edorado 7S easily up onto it's wings. They are "surface piercing hydrofoils", so the faster it goes, the higher it flies, the lower the drag with a top speed of 40 knots.
Waterproofing according to IP67 standard means that even fully immersed the drivetrain will continue to function. The boat is suitable for lakes, rivers and coastal waters with waves up to 2 meter according to CE-C certification. The twin drive gives precision control for docking while at the same time offering dual redundancy for safety.
Edorado are certain that only foil-electric boats will achieve the goal of affordable fast electric boats with good range. Cracking the code of fast electric boats while prices for solar PV are falling allows them to realize the "Edorado Smart Marina", their vision for truly zero emission water sports.
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"The revolutionary Edorado 7S paves the way for affordable, fast electric boats with excellent range. Combine that with prices for solar power falling and our vision for the zero emissions Edorado Smart Marina comes into sight. By cracking the code of fast electric boats we are set to realise our ultimate goal of creating awesome experiences on the water, powered by the sun." - Godert van Hardenbroek, Founder and Product Architect.
Source and images: Edorado Marine
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