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New solar car in Florida

The Progressive Automotive XPRIZE challenges competitors to build safe, affordable, production-capable, super- fuel-efficient cars with the ultimate goal of offering consumers more choice in fuel-efficient travel. A new one hundred percent solar powered car is an official contender for the XPRIZE, built by SOLARCYCLE. Greenhouse2000, Inc's CEO Larry Wexler is the inventor of the Solar Cycle, and he is also the President of the Central Florida Electric Vehicle Association.
Projected features
High Efficiency Solar Panels 1,300 W, 4 sq. meters
1 In House PM DC Motor, 36 lbs., 35 HP
Forward and reverse - no transmission
In-House Motor Controller at 60V - 400A
Motorcycle tires & Lightweight DOT approved rims
All necessary safety equipment (LED Lights, Horn, Gauges)
Payload: Driver + Two Passengers + 1,000 lbs.
Fast-Charges to 85% in 60 mins. with 220V outlet
This vehicle is not only "free" to drive when fully charged, it can be plugged in & sell power back to the grid!
Air Conditioner, GPS Speedometer, Alarm and Stereo
Disc Brakes
Seats 3 Adults
Air conditioning
LED lights (including headlights)
Relatively simple, maintenance free
Projected performance
RANGE @ 25 MPH (NIGHT): 190 mi.
RANGE @ 40 MPH (FULL SUN): Unlimited Mileage
RANGE @ 60 MPH (FULL SUN): 175 mi.
TOP SPEED: 95 mph
ACCELERATION: Zero to 65 mph in 10 secs.
BRAKING DISTANCE: 25 to 0 mph in 35 ft.
Source and top image: SOLARCYCLE
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