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Electric hydrofoil finally ready to skim the waves

The Quadrofoil Q2 is a two-seater, four-legged hydrofoil watercraft. With a top speed of 40 km/h (25 mph) and four years in the making, the Q2 id expected to ship in early 2017.
The Q2A is developed to be driven in lakes and coastal zones. The 3.7 kW electric motor and a 5.2 kWh battery pack form an ideal combination of power and energy efficiency that will, in most corners of the world, let you cut through the water without a boating license or registration.
Quadrofoil is 100 % electrically powered by a very reliable industry standard battery with an integrated battery management system (BMS), which optimizes usage and charging. Together with a special electric motor, it delivers exceptional performance without releasing any emissions.
Q2S offers more power and speeds up to 40 km/h (21knots). It takes just over 5 m (16 ft.) to get airborne and start flying. A 5.5 kW state-of-the art engine paired with two 5.2 kWh batteries give a reach of up to 80 km/h, making the Q2S one of the most energy efficient watercrafts on the market with average operational costs well below 1 € per hour.
Our Q2S Electric Limited Edition was the first watercraft Quadrofoil put on the market in a limited production amount of only 100 units, which were sold out within a few months.
Although over a year behind on the original schedule, Quadrofoil is ready to move on and deliver on its promises. Their team of engineers took over a year to thoroughly test, review, upgrade and fine-tune the original Q2 prototype, which is now finished and ready for serial production. Some changes have been made in the supply chain as a result of the vessel's improvement. The biggest and most prominent one is the Quadrofoil's very own new electric motor that substituted the standard electric motor they used in the past.
During the testing period, Sales Team and the CEO managed to keep the trust and interest of almost all buyers, dealers and partners - also by inviting them to participate at the prototype testing. They also managed to build a framework for new pre-orders and customer service. The Design Team supported the engineers with upgrades and presented the future of water-based transportation - the first concepts of the Q4 Electric, a four-seated Quadrofoil. The Marketing Team polished the Brand, upgraded the digital and social media strategy and the Design Team prepared a new website that includes a Q2 configurator, aimed to provide customers with a wider range of possibilities for personalization and submitting pre-orders. Motivated by the team's successes, the CEO kept the company funded during the prototype testing and finalization period. He also managed to find and purchase land for construction of the future Quadrofoil Headquarters with an integrated R&D and production centre.
According to the new plan, the investor pitch should be completed by the end of 2016, whilst deliveries of the Q2S Electric Limited Edition to the existing buyers should start in March 2017.
Source and top image: Quadrofoil d.o.o.
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