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German solar car from mid-2017

The startup Sono Motors from Munich has collected over 300.000€ through a crowdfunding campaign in the summer of 2016.
Among other rewards, all backers were promised test rides in mid 2017. Sono Motors just announced that as it seems they will be able to stay on schedule, and in July 2017 a major release event will be held in Munich. Their chosen development partner is Roding Automobile GmbH and it will be in charge of producing the prototypes.
Test rides
After the release event in Munich, the startup wants to offer exclusive test rides for all backers who paid 2000€ or more. In the succeeding weeks, the startup wants to execute a big test ride tour in the D-A-CH, stopping in all major cities. Followed by Europe and North America, the company wants get a lot of pre sales in order to be able to start serial production.
Partner Roding
In collaboration with Roding Automobile GmbH two prototypes will be developed and produced within a short amount of time. They will be based on a customized chassis that's catered towards solar integration. Roding is renowned in the car industry regarding car development and prototype production. The company from upper Bavaria, Germany, gained wide recognition for developing their own Roadster, which is still being sold today.
Decision together with the crowd
Sono Motors enters new ways in regards to customer relations by allowing customers to take part in the Sion's serial development. The company released surveys regarding the car's equipment, where the community can decide what will be integrated in the serial model.
Recently, a survey regarding the Sion's charging capacity was successfully completed. The question was:
Which charging capacity should the Sion have? CCS 50kW + Typ2 22kW (three-phase) or CCS 50kW + Typ2 7,3kW (one-phase).
Almost 90% of the participants voted for the three-phase charging capacity, while many of them noted, that a three-phase 11kW capacity would be sufficient. This goes back to the fact that most type 2 charging stations are placed in city centres. Especially in urban areas, high charging capacities are not necessary, as it is possible to charge during the day at the employer or at home at night.
SONO MOTORS GmbH consists of the three founders Jona Christians, Navina Pernsteiner and Laurin Hahn, as well as a diverse team of developers, technicians designers and students, some of whom have years of experi-ence in the automotive industry.
Starting in a small garage, the team has developed a prototype over the last 4 years, which, through tests and driving in everyday situations, helped in gaining valuable experience for further developments.
Crowdfunding, angel investors and venture capital are intended to provide the company with sufficient capital for the production of the Sion as well as help with international consolidation.
Source and top image: SONO MOTORS GmbH
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