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Hybrid ferry improves efficiency and protects the environment

Finland's first battery-powered hybrid ferry, the Elektra, reduces congestion in traffic between Nauvo and Korppoo. Service between Nauvo and Parainen in the Turku archipelago begins on Midsummer 2017.
"The hybrid ferry is a modern, efficient and environmentally friendly transportation option for the archipelago. Emissions and pollution can be reduced by using electrical transportation solutions. Elektra is a good example of such solutions. The technologies and solutions for furthering sustainable development already exist," says CEO of Siemens Finland, Janne Öhman.
Siemens will provide the technology for the new vessel on the Parainen-Nauvo route. The ferry will have battery packages charged with shore-side electricity, which are supplied by Siemens as their primary energy source, and diesel engines as a backup. Finland's first hybrid ferry is a vessel full of state-of-the-art technology. Elektra is also Finland's biggest road ferry. With its length of almost 98 meters and width of 16 meters, it can carry up to 90 cars at a time. Currently there are two smaller, 60-meter vessels on the route.
The ferry acquired by Finferries will operate the route every 15 minutes and charge its batteries at both ends during the loading and unloading - in around five minutes. The hull of the ferry is made of steel. It has two 900-kilowatt propeller engines, two 530-kilowatt-hour lithium batteries, and three 420 kWe diesel generators.
"Other Nordic countries have had good experiences with electric ferries. According to a research in Norway, it would be profitable to transform 70% of current ferries into electrical or partially electrical ferries. The benefits of the new ferries are, among other things, a substantial reduction in maintenance and fuel expenses and energy efficient and safe operation," according to Sales Director Pekka Moilanen of Siemens Finland.
Source and top image: Siemens
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