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Record for longest range of an electric vehicle

Los Angeles based company IT Asset Partners (ITAP) have claimed the official Guinness Book of World Records title for the Longest Range of an Electric Vehicle on October 18th, by traveling more than 1600 kilometers at the Auto Club Speedway of California in Fontana over a two day consecutive run. The Guinness Book of World Records flew in adjudicator Michael Empric to personally verify ITAP's world record. This breaks the previous record of 1298 km made in Japan in 2013.
The record breaking EV called The Phoenix was created by ITAP leader Eric Lundgren, and is made from 90% recycled parts in an effort to promote electronic waste recycling, and it cost less than $14,000 to build.
The purpose of The Phoenix is to showcase Hybrid Recycling, and demonstrate to the world the amazing possibilities and potential derived from electronic waste recycling. E-Waste recycling pioneer Eric Lundgren is known for innovating a national movement for individuals and businesses to utilize the process he developed called Hybrid Recycling. With a client roster of Fortune 500 companies including Nintendo, Motorola, Panasonic, Dell, Best Buy and more, Lundgren promotes that re-use is the purest form of recycling, and to put this into action he created America's leading hybrid recycling plant called ITAP.
Electronic Waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the United States, yet the country lacks a real solution to efficiently process this waste system. After witnessing firsthand how e-Waste is polluting the earth in his global travels, Lundgren created a real solution for the e-Waste epidemic. Through efficiency and innovation, his company ITAP identifies all generic parts and components of value and preserve is discarded e-Waste, rather than just destroy them. They then extract and re-integrate into new applications. This Hybrid Recycling process decreases the demand for raw material production, conserving natural resources and reducing the carbon footprint.
Source and top image: ITAP
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