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Electric Vehicles Research
Posted on October 25, 2017 with 1 Comment

Electric motors based on reluctance torque

RETORQ Motors company designs and manufactures advanced electric traction motors-generators based on its proprietary RETORQ axial flux REluctance TORQue motor technology. RETORQ Motors company mission is to offer low cost, cost-effective and sustainable electric traction motors for the next generation transportation sector - one which is much more environmentally friendly and economically sustainable in the long term - compared to the current transportation sector.
RETORQ electric motors are small, light an powerful - making them suitable for the most demanding applications including the automotive traction application. The "grandad" technology of technology is the well-known switched reluctance machine. RETORQ Motors company went a long way and made step-change improvements to the switched reluctance motor technology. State-of-the-art packaging and cooling design techniques have enabled a tenfold improvement in performance metrics whilst completely eliminating the use of permanent magnets (PM) - as is seldom possible with alternative motor technologies. The proprietary water-glycol based cooling technology enables operation at substantially reduced temperatures even for demanding applications where low coolant flow rate and demanding duty cycles exclude alternative motor technologies. Key innovations of the RETORQ reluctance torque motors:
The proprietary RETORQ electric traction motors and generators are based on its predecessor switched reluctance machine technology without permanent magnets. RETORQ motors operate on the principle of REluctance TORQue also known as electromagnetic attraction and therefore require no permanent magnets. Permanent magnet based electric motors can be as powerful as RETORQ motors however the permanent magnet machines suffer from the common failures of the permanent magnets making them expensive to maintain and repair.
Further advantage of REluctance TORQue traction motors is that the machine phases are electrically independent. Therefore the RETORQ traction motor-generator operating with a faulty phase, for example a short circuit fault in the motor inverter, will produce output torque. The level of the output torque will be influenced by the severity of the fault, but will not prevent motor operation completely.
The manufacturability of the electric machines is of considerable importance for the medium to high volume applications - automotive traction motor industry being one example. For this reason the company's topology/architecture has enabled the low-cost yet cost-effective RETORQ motor technology most suitable for the medium to high volume applications. Highly automated and scalable manufacturing techniques have been adopted
RETORQ automotive traction motors can be easily customized for the many different electric traction applications due to the scalable and compact slim line "pancake" topology/architecture. The compact slim line "pancake" style motor packaging is well suited for the engine bay integration with the existing internal combustion (IC) engine as a hybrid powertrain or as a pure electric powertrain with gearbox transmission.
Source and top image: RETORQ Motors
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