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Self-driving rides in Las Vegas

Aptiv, a technology company that provides automated driving solutions, and ride-hailing company Lyft, announce a partnership to demonstrate a first-of-its-kind fully automated point-to-point ride-hailing experience during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 in Las Vegas.
"This partnership represents a real-life application of scalable, automated driving technology that will have a significant impact on improving safety, emissions and urban congestion challenges," said Aptiv President and Chief Executive Officer Kevin Clark. "Aptiv's automated driving platform is the most advanced automated system available and combined with Lyft's intuitive user app will allow CES attendees to have a true point-to-point self-driving experience. It is an exciting demonstration of the future of mobility at work."
In 2017, Lyft announced plans to enable self-driving developers and car manufacturers to plug into its network of nearly one million rides per day. Aptiv's automated driving platform will be integrated with Lyft's smart dispatching technology for a seamless consumer experience to hail rides around the Las Vegas Strip area. Operating in complex driving environments with pick-up and drop-off locations will accelerate the availability of automated driving platforms for commercial applications.
"Lyft's mission is to build the world's best transportation ecosystem in partnership with the most advanced self-driving technology and automotive companies," said Lyft CEO Logan Green. "Partnering with Aptiv for our open platform brings us one step closer to making our vision a reality. Together, we will define the future and we look forward to taking this monumental first step in Las Vegas."
Aptiv's recent acquisition, nuTonomy, has a strategic partnership and recently launched an automated driving pilot with Lyft in Boston.
The Aptiv-Lyft CES 2018 Automated Experience builds on Aptiv's previous CES drives, including a 6.3-mile driving loop of city streets and highways in 2017. Aptiv's automated vehicles completed complex everyday driving challenges, such as highway merges, maneuvering with pedestrians and cyclists, and staying on course while in a tunnel.
Aptiv's automated driving technology is seamlessly integrated into any design without cumbersome sensors on the top or sides of the vehicle, unlike many other automated vehicles on the road today. Aptiv will be ready to scale in production by 2019.
How the Aptiv-Lyft CES 2018 Self-driving Experience Will Work:
  • The CES rides will demonstrate Aptiv's automated system and Lyft's user platform to offer rides to more than 20 destinations throughout Las Vegas;
  • Lyft passengers can request a self-driving ride from the Las Vegas Convention Center's Gold Lot;
  • Ahead of their ride, passengers will journey through an informative exhibit designed to showcase the positive impact automated cars will have on individual lives and communities;
  • Once passengers get into their self-driving vehicle, there will be a safety driver in the front seat and an in-car host, who together will provide a safe, and educational, experience.
  • The self-driving opportunity will be available to Lyft passengers in Las Vegas from Jan. 9 to 12, 2018.
Torc Robotics is also is offering consumers private rides in its self-driving cars on the streets of Las Vegas during CES 2018 January 9-12. The rides mark the start of the consumer-testing phase of commercializing Torc's Asimov self-driving car system.
The consumer testers will encounter a wide range of Las Vegas traffic on public roads - from the famous pedestrian- and traffic-saturated strip, to busy freeways and cross roads. "The public will get to experience self-driving rides through the Las Vegas strip, freeways, and streets of Las Vegas." said Torc CEO Michael Fleming. "Torc's Asimov fleet autonomously handles complex intersections, traffic lights, high-speed merges, and unpredictable pedestrians. Then there is the all-too-common Las Vegas tourist slowing unexpectedly to catch a special view."
Information and feedback collected from post-ride surveys will be used to influence future technology decisions by Torc and its partners, according to Fleming. "Understanding public concerns and desires is critical not only for building a system people can trust, but also one they want to use," he said.
During the rides, the car will drive itself, but an experienced safety driver will sit behind the wheel. Torc is one of the oldest self-driving car teams developing autonomous technology today. Torc's Asimov self-driving system is the product of 10 years of autonomous system experience kickstarted by a third-place win in the historic 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge.
Asimov has been tested on public roads in more than 20 states, including an autonomous round-trip cross-country drive in July 2017. Torc announced in October that it would demo its technology on public streets during CES. In December, Torc released an Asimov system capability list.
Source and top image: Aptiv
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