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High performance electric off-road motorbikes.

KALK is an electric motocross bike from Cake, based in Sweden. The focus of the bike, according to Cake, has been off-road performance and innovation, while providing a quiet gliding and surfy experience. With a digital pre-setting, users can ride the bike at their own level and reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour with a range of 50 miles. For more details see the IDTechEx report on e motorbikes .
In discussing their electric bike ambitions, Cake says that the category of light electric off-road motorbikes has been evolving from small dedicated builders, assembling and customizing standard parts from the cycling and motorcycling space. These hybrids, equipped with motors, batteries and controllers, off the shelf and soaped, pointed out the direction towards something that will change the future of riding. The properties of an electrical drivetrain, different to a combustion engine, means a number of things. The weight aspect is one. Being able to reduce the weight dramatically, compared to what a similar combustion bike would be, supports snappy and lively rides, as well as inviting anybody despite physical condition to comfortably handle the bike. They are light.
The fact that it's nearly silent, boosts the riding experience whilst respecting those nearby, whether it'd be fellow hikers, wild animals or maybe even your neighbours when riding a back yard track.
The cleanliness has numerous sides to it. The fact that there is no pollution or fumes and that the bike is charged with renewable energy or even with the solar panels from CAKE, never ever having to sap the grid, through the lifetime of the bike, is the evidence of its sustainability. Since there are no fluids, grease, gasoline or oil, the bike doesn't attract dirt, meaning it's more like a bicycle.
Thanks to the progressive span of an electric motor, no gears are needed. The hassle of clutching and changing gears doesn't exist. Throttling and braking is all there is to it. That together with the lightness, the absence of noise and the fact that one can pre set the level of bike performance, invites everyone, regardless of previous experience, to enjoy the KALK.
Maintenance is very limited. Compared to a combustion engine, there are very few moving parts and to take the level of simplicity further the drive train has direct drive. The level of maintenance is marginal.
  • The CAKE KALK bike, built for light off-road performance, uses an industrial standard IPM motor, customized for CAKE and made in Europe.
  • It´s a 15 kW mid motor, powered by a 51.8 Volt, 50Ah battery for torque and range, conducted by specifically developed and tuned software, for the controller and dynamic performance.
  • It is a light aluminium bike weighing in at sub 70 kilos, using a single pivot direct drive, reducing the number of heavy and moving parts.
  • The suspension is specifically developed, by Öhlins supporting the category of hi performance at minimum weight.
  • Range of up to 80km
Source and image: Cake
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