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Solisco wins 'Most Innovative Electric Vehicle Power Tech'

Solisco has been announced a winner of a Global Energy Award at the Clean Energy Awards 2018 for the 'Most Innovative Electric Vehicle Power Tech - UK 2018.' For more see the IDTechEx report on off grid electric vehicle charging.
The 2018 Clean Energy Awards, seeks to acknowledge organisations, agencies and individuals who strive to provide the services and solutions which will allow us to live and work in a cleaner and safer environment whilst remaining economically viable.
As energy is such an important topic for our global society, the awards wish to recognise those who are leading the way in improving our living environments.
"We are super happy and incredibly proud to have won this award! Solisco is a privately funded UK-based start-up company. We set out from the very beginning to make it a success, because we both have a huge passion in electric vehicles and making our world more sustainable. We have loved being creative, meeting fantastic people and educating and inspiring along the way. We'd like to thank all of our partners for their support and dedication that made this possible! As Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure continues to be a hot topic on the agenda for many individuals, businesses, local authorities, developers, etc, Solisco aims to do what we do best by offering our consultancy about holistic solutions that combines EV charging, PV solar energy generation, battery storage and intelligent software systems under one EV-Port roof." Parveen Begum, CEO & Director and Mark Maurice, CTO & Director.
As everything the Clean Energy Awards stands for is the same as our mission and ethos, we are now focused more than ever, of continuing to portray our message through the power of education.
"As clean energy is such an important topic for our global society, I am proud to be able to showcase the leading lights in the market through this prestigious awards programme. It has been a genuine pleasure to showcase the commitment and ingenuity of every one of my exceptional winners.Best of luck for the future!" Laura Hunter, Awards Co-ordinator.
Source and top image: Solisco
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