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Electric hydrofoil bike

To replicate the cycling experience on water Manta5 have created the world's most advanced hydrofoil bike that allows you to plane across the water's surface like never before. The Hydrofoiler XE-1 is part electric bicycle, part watercraft built on an aluminum frame with carbon fiber hydrofoils and a propellor. For more information see the IDTechEx reports on electric motors for electric vehicles and micro EVs, e-bikes, e-scooters.
The hydrofoil has a Hoerner Tip design to minimise drag and extend effective wingspan, the rear wingspan measures 2m and the front wing, 1.2m. The foils can be used on lakes, rivers and the ocean. The carbon fibre reinforced nylon propeller creates a perfect balance producing thrust at low speed and reducing drag at top speed.
Superior lithium battery technology and 400@ e-bike motor
The Manta5 team worked with engineers all over the world to create their IP67 rated battery that's designed to safely withstand the rugged marine environment. The battery is easily removable for recharging on any standard power outlet. The motor is lightweight and quiet.
Cutting-edge waterproofing techniques ensure battery and motor longevity in both fresh and saltwater. From one charge the battery offers an hour of pedal assistance for an 85kg rider in average conditions. The battery housing indicators display riding modes, battery status and flight level - allowing riders to optimise their planing speed and ride time.
Bike frame, buoyancy modules, gearbox and drivetrain
A modular design means riders have a cost-effective upgrade path for future sporting and leisure components. Should riders wish to customise their hydrofoilers they can select new foil combinations, buoyancy modules, motors, new propellers and battery packs as they enter the market.
The aluminium frame is an aircraft grade alloy revered for its strength and weight advantages. The hydrofoil has buoyancy modules designed to streamline the hydrofoiler™ both under and above water.
Source and images: Manta5
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