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Mobile EV charger that self charges as recovery vehicle is driving

A portable complete system that can operate using Lithium-ion batteries and be independent of any specific type of delivery vehicle. For more information see the IDTechEx report on off grid electric vehicle charging.
A South Australian company -GELCOservices-has launched in conjunction with Club Logistics Services, a recently developed totally portable Electric Vehicle (EV) recharge system designed to enable a stranded EV driver who has a depleted high voltage battery to receive a charge at roadside for a short period of time and thus allowingthe EV "self-recover" from a roadside breakdown flat battery incident. To now the only way to recover the stranded EV was to send out a tow truck. Now a roadside attending rescue patrol can simply plug in the battery EV, wait for around 10-15 minutes and effectively the EV can then drive off to the nearest fixed location EV charge station.The great feature of the Mobile Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (MEVSE) design is in the capability of the Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) 48 volt battery pack to be re-charged from the standard rescue vehicle on-board existing 12 volt charging system.This feature in design is a world's first and offers the rescue organisation total flexibility as the recovery vehicle does not have to return to base for recharge of the 48 volt Lithium cell system.The MEVSE system was designed by GELCOservices in collaboration with Club Logistics Services to meet their roadside breakdown needs. The unit is built by GELCO services in Adelaide South Australia. Sales of the MEVSE are managed by a Global Distributor Company - Club Logistics Services from Europe, USA and Australia. Sales already have been made to USA, Ireland, Luxemburg, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Russia and other European countries, demonstrating the uniqueness of the MEVSE and the demand in the field for such a recovery service for Electric vehicles.
The MEVSE system has four main components:
  • The LiFePO448 volt battery pack
  • The on-board charging and management system for the LiFePO4 battery pack
  • The Inverter system -rated to 10kW @ 240VAC
  • The EVSE delivery and BEV charge control system
The use of the Lithium battery cells as the power source means no engines or generators running, no effective emissions whilst the energy transfer is happening and no noise. Ideal for EV recovery in confined or undergroundcar parks. Safe to operate in extreme weather conditions. Another feature of the MEVSE is that the unit is totally portable built in three cassettes that allow the kit to be man-handled easily from rescue vehicles to another location. Flexibility of the three cassette design also allows the modules to be placed in convenient locations within the service vehicle. The cassettes come with robust tie down fixtures.The MEVSE is capable of delivering sufficient "self-recovery" energy for three broken down EV's in a normal working day.
For more information contact:GELCOservices Technical Centre, Tel:+61 (0) 418 835 639 E-mail: Web: External Link
About GELCOservices
GELCOservices is an Automotive Industry Technical Consulting firm, specialising in Electrochemical Engineering, particularly related to the testing of automotive batteries, Electric Vehicle charge systems and infrastructure for battery and energy storage. The Company has a fully equipped Technical Laboratory for the effective Validation process of automotive batteries and other automotive equipment such as battery testing devices, battery related accessories, and battery related Metallurgical investigations and EV charge systems development. Recently the company has embarked on developing a mobile EV charge system which is the first in the industry of its type and already sales of this product are being made in countries of Europe and USA such as Ireland, Luxemburg, The Netherlands and many more.
About Club Logistics Services
Club Logistics Services (CLS) is an Australian owned company based in Europe in The Netherlands. Currently their primary business is aiding Motoring Clubs in Europe with their Mobile Battery programs, and distributing the new Mobile Electric vehicle Service Equipment Globally. Discussions and projects are currently underway to extend their service. Contact: Chloe Davies
Source: GELCOservices
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