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The Leading Edge Academic Poster Display: Present your work

The Leading Edge Academic Poster Display: Present your work to over 3,500 innovation leaders at the world's biggest event on Emerging Technologies

The IDTechEx Show USA 2018 is the largest gathering of industry executives who are involved in R&D, business development and product management, in addition to those seeking to use the technology.
Held on November 14 & 15, 2018 in Santa Clara, CA, the event features limited poster space for leading academic research work to be displayed to all attendees.
We would like to invite YOU to consider submitting an academic poster. Benefits include:
• Showcase your research to over 3,500 senior executives
• Recognition of your achievements at the World's largest global event on the topic, which can be cited on your resume
• Access to the full event included in the academic pass rate of $495 - over 250 speakers and over 270 exhibitors
• Fantastic networking opportunity - for future funding and career opportunities
• Abstracts will be shared with attendees in advance to allow them to come with their questions
• Entry to the best poster award judged by attendees - the winner to receive widespread publicity through multiple media channels.
If you are in academia and wish to take advantage of this opportunity while there is space, please apply here or email me directly at with your contact details, a title, brief abstract and institution logo.
Submissions are welcome from any relevant field. All proposals must be pre-approved by our technical analysts and if your submission is successful we will email you with further details and guidelines for producing your poster.

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Posted on: June 27, 2018

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