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$400 million from the VW Mitigation Trust for new all-electric buses

GreenPower Motor Company Inc announces that 10 States have recently released their proposed mitigation plans with $400 million available to purchase new all-electric school, transit and shuttle buses from the VW Mitigation Trust. The Trust provides $2.9 Billion to implement approved air pollution mitigation initiatives in the 50 States, Puerto Rico and federally-recognized Native American nations. For more information see the IDTechEx report on electric buses.
Arizona - $38 million over the next two years to replace up to 281 school buses
California - CARB is proposing that $130 million be allocated for zero-emission school, transit and shuttle buses
State of Washington - Up to 45% of their $104 million for electric transit, school and shuttle buses and electric trucks
Oregon - $18 million to replace 450 old diesel school buses
Nevada - 80% of their $22.2 million for electric transit, school and shuttle buses and electric trucks
Georgia - All $63.6 million to be used to replace older diesel transit buses
Wisconsin - $42 million to replace public transit vehicles
Louisiana - $18 million over three years to replace old diesel school buses
Illinois - $10.8 million to purchase new electric school buses
Ohio - Up to $15 million to replace old diesel school buses
"GreenPower is helping to undo the damage done to our environment by the cheating VW diesels by replacing older diesel buses that are proven, notorious polluters with our zero-emission, quiet, all-electric buses," said Brendan Riley President of GreenPower. "We are still the only EV manufacturer that provides a solution to each of the categories of buses covered under this settlement. Our all-electric transit, school and shuttle buses are able to take advantage of all of the Mitigation Actions that are available for new all-electric buses under this program."
GreenPower will be providing additional information on its website related to the application process for funding from the VW Mitigation Trust for purchasers of new all-electric buses.
About GreenPower Motor Company Inc.
GreenPower designs, builds and distributes a full suite of high-floor and low-floor vehicles, including transit buses, school buses, shuttles, and a double decker. GreenPower employs a clean-sheet design to manufacture all-electric buses that are purpose built to be battery powered with zero emissions. GreenPower integrates global suppliers for key components, such as Siemens or TM4 for the drive motors, Knorr for the brakes, ZF for the axles and Parker for the dash and control systems. This OEM platform allows GreenPower to meet the specifications of various operators while providing standard parts for ease of maintenance and accessibility for warranty requirements. For further information go to
GreenPower Motor Company
Brendan Riley, President
(510) 910-3377
Elevator Communications, LLC
John Reed, Media Relations
(415) 846-4862
Source: GreenPower Motor Company Inc
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