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Nidec Industrial Solutions world leader in energy storage

Nidec Industrial Solutions has, for the fifth consecutive year, confirmed its standing as the world's leading supplier in the energy storage market. This, according to a new report prepared by Bloomberg "New Energy Finance" (BNEF), that highlights the evolutionary trends in the renewable energy market on a global level, a sector in which the company has, for years, played the role of driver for innovation and growth. For more information see the IDTechEx report on batteries for residential, commercial, industrial and utility applications.
Thanks to the track record of numerous projects developed around the world, from 2013 to 2018 Nidec Industrial Solutions has been ranked first in the battery energy storage system market (BESS), with an aggregate installed in utility scale systems of 268MW/ 445MWh, as an EPC contractor (Engineering Procurement Contractor), or as a supplier capable of overseeing the creation of a system, from the design phase through to its construction and testing, and then the maintenance activity throughout the system's entire life cycle. Overall, if one also includes the period prior to 2013, Nidec Industrial Solutions can claim to have installed over 500MWh in BESS around the world.
For the year 2016, moreover, the company held the record for systems installed totaling 116MW, which includes the creation of an energy storage system with a total capacity of 90 MW/120MWh for the German company STEAG, the largest system of its kind, up to that date.
"The excellent positioning acknowledged in the report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) makes us especially proud. It is the result of a strategy that focuses strongly on renewable energy and its goal is to seize business opportunities around the world. We operate in both Europe and the rest of the world and in 2016, in Japan, for example we supplied Advantec with an energy storage system (BESS) with a total capacity of 6 MW and 6 MWh, to support a photovoltaic system. We are proud to say that in 2016 we also won the EPC contract for EDF, in a 49MW project and for EON in a 10MW project, as part of the tender for the frequency regulation of National Grid in the UK, winning 30% of the market share as EPC Contractor. Both of these were completed in 2017. In effect, Nidec Industrial Solutions has a global footprint, as confirmed by the contracts it won in 2017: in New Caledonia, for the creation of a 10 MW/10MWh storage system for Enercal; for 13MW in Corsica with Corsica Sole for photovoltaic systems with accompanying storage systems; for a 1MW VP microgrid in the Maldives and a smart microgrid, for EGP in Chile, that produces 68kw from photovoltaic, 30KW from wind power, with an energy storage (BESS) capacity of 250kW/520kWh" commented Matteo Rizzi, Director, Global Sales PV, BESS and EV of Nidec Industrial Solutions. "Our value proposition benefits from the fact that we are not just system integrators but we are vertically integrated, supplying turnkey Battery Energy Storage systems that include cutting edge power conversion systems (PCS) produced by us, and Energy Management System (EMS) and Power Management System (PMS) that use our technology. Moreover, we are capable of implementing Battery Energy Storage systems that avail themselves of different battery technologies, in addition to that of lithium, as is the case with projects for Terna Sanc and Storage Lab, that envisage an installed aggregate of 212MWh".
Nidec Industrial Solutions is among the world's top companies when it comes to the supply of battery energy storage system (BESS) solutions for commercial systems and electrical grids and it leads the way in terms of innovation in the battery energy storage sector. This is as a result of its vast experience in the automation sector, as well as its extensive capacity for research and development, that allows it to constantly evolve the technology, offering state of the art solutions.
Featuring prominently among the company's most recent innovations in support of energy transition and in particular the affirmation of sustainable mobility, is the new Ultra Fast Charger (UFC) for recharging the new generation of electric vehicles, a solution that will contribute to paving the way for the spread of electric vehicles. Nidec Industrial Solutions has managed to develop the UFC thanks to its extensive know how in power management, that is to say in the efficient management of the electricity grid, with 180 years' experience in power electronics, and the consolidated leadership in the battery energy storage market, as has been also shown by the BNEF. This is an innovative electrical system that makes it possible to recharge the new generation of electric cars in less than 15 minutes, totally safely and efficiently, guaranteeing them a range of 500 km and minimizing the impact on the electricity grid. It will head up an entire portfolio of products capable of meeting the needs all market players, divided into three different formats: ultra fast chargers, LV Charging Stations with centralized batteries, and MV Charging Stations, possibly without batteries.
Nidec Industrial Solutions (NIS), the commercial platform of the Nidec group, offers complete electrical systems and brings together the products and services of Nidec ASI, Avtron Industrial Automation, Nidec Industrial Automation and Motortecnica. It offers customised solutions throughout the world for a wide range of industrial applications. Its reference markets are the petrochemical, traditional and renewable energy, steel, naval and industrial automation markets. The multinational is specialised in heavy duty applications in which high power and high performance are key: electric motors and generators up to 65 MW of power (87,000 HP); power electronics inverters and converters; automation and software for industrial processes; retrofitting of power plants and hydroelectric generators; integrated systems for the production of electrical energy from renewable sources and their stabilisation in connecting to the national grid.
Source: Nidec Industrial Solutions
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