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600 fuel cell city buses for Europe

An ambitious project aiming to get a total of 600 fuel cell city buses on the roads in selected regions in Europe has been selected by the Connecting Europe Facility programme (CEF) for nearly €40m ($46.5m) of funding. For more information see the IDTechEx report on electric Buses 2018-2038.
Developed by Nel ASA and other leading industry partners, the project will also establish sufficient supply of green hydrogen (H2) with Nel and H2Stations.
The CEF committee has approved the list of projects for proposed CEF awards and H2BusEurope is ranked on the list to receive close to €40m of support from EU. Nel and the H2BusEurope partners will reveal further details on the project within a few months.
"We are extremely pleased that the CEF program has selected our project for a proposed award of €40m ($46.5m). H2 buses are ready for large scale deployment in Europe, and this project is a significant stepping stone in reducing the total cost of ownership of H2 buses towards a level close to fossil fuelled buses," said Jacob Krogsgaard, Senoir Vice-President of Nel Hydrogen Solutions.
"With this latest announcement we are again confirming our position as the leading partner for the fast growing heavy duty markets. Nel is ready with complete solutions to produce, store, distribute and dispense hydrogen for this important segment," added Krogsgaard.
Source: Gasworld
Top image: UITP
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