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LeasePlan and Lightyear to deliver first solar lease car

LeasePlan Netherlands will collaborate with Dutch scale-up Lightyear, the first company in the world to develop an electric solar car for consumers. LeasePlan Netherlands will become Lightyear's leasing partner for the Lightyear One, the first car produced by the company. The Pioneer Edition of the Lightyear One is expected to drive on Dutch roads in 2020. For more information see the IDTechEx report on Energy Independent Electric Vehicles: Land, Water Air 2018-2038.
Lightyear, founded by triple World Solar Challenge winners, will open its production facility at the Automotive Campus in Helmond, the Netherlands, this week. The Lightyear One is the first electric car with integrated solar cells capable of driving 8,000 to 10,000 kilometres per year on solar energy in the Netherlands. The design of the car is still top secret, but it is already known that it is a five-seater hatchback with all-wheel drive, with a range of up to 800 kilometres.
Lightyear has grown to 100 employees and is working with engineering firms FEV and EDAG to launch the first prototypes in the summer of 2019. The first Lightyear Ones sold will be delivered in 2020.
Thanks to the cooperation between LeasePlan Netherlands and Lightyear, the solar car can be both bought and leased. This makes the car directly accessible to a broader corporate target group.
LeasePlan and Lightyear are both in pioneering roles in the field of sustainable mobility and have ambitions to accelerate the transition to clean mobility. This was underlined this week by both parties' participation in the UNFCCC climate conference in Katowice.
Erik Henstra, Managing Director of LeasePlan Netherlands: "Lightyear shows that it is possible to drive electrically on solar power. As a leasing partner we want to offer our customers the opportunity to make a powerful sustainability statement by driving the world's first solar car for consumers. This cooperation also contributes to our ambition to completely eliminate emissions from our own fleet by 2021 and our total fleet of 1.8 million cars by 2030."
"With LeasePlan we have a strong partner on board that strengthens us with a solid network in the Netherlands and Europe", adds Lex Hoefsloot, CEO of Lightyear. "Corporate drivers play an important pioneering role in the introduction of new technologies. We've seen that before with the electric car. This partnership with LeasePlan will certainly help us as we move towards the broad launch of the Lightyear One in 2021."
Source: LeasePlan Netherlands
Top image: Lightyear
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