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E.ON makes a strategic investment in Virta

E-mobility software company Virta together with its lead investor Helen Ltd. finalised a funding round with Europe's leading energy company E.ON. The capital injection is accelerating Virta's international growth and strengthens its position in the European market. For more information see the IDTechEx report on Electric Vehicles 2018-2028.
Earlier this year Virta and E.ON signed a global operational agreement to make thousands of intelligent E.ON charging stations available to electric vehicle users across Europe in ten countries. The cooperation creates one of the largest and densest charging networks in Europe, where the E.ON electric vehicle charging infrastructure is powered by the Virta platform.
"With our investment into Virta we underline our belief that Virta's platform and energetic management team are set up to be the digital backbone for an increasingly integrated energy and mobility world.", says Andreas Pfeiffer, Global Domain Manager Emobility at E.ON.
Virta, founded in 2013 in Finland, has become the innovation leader of intelligent electric vehicle charging technologies and one of the top players of the industry in Europe. Today, over 200 EV charging networks from 19 countries are operating their charging services on Virta platform with over 30 different brands. In addition to Finnish headquarters, Virta has offices in Germany, France and Sweden.
"Virta is going through a period of strong growth as a company, and the focus of its' operations has shifted from Finland to international activities. It is great to get E.ON on board in the development of the company,"says Helen's President and CEO Pekka Manninen.
Electric vehicles are essential in the energy transformation: the electrification of transportation has a direct impact on the decarbonisation of electricity production. Renewable energy production increases the need for balancing power in the energy systems and electric vehicles are the most important new source of flexibility. Virta is a recognised innovator in this technology field.
"Our mission is to bring electric vehicles into people's everyday lives and to energy systems. The capital investment and cooperation with E.ON, the Europe's leading energy company, is advancing substantially our mission realisation and shift to electric mobility in Europe," says Jussi Palola, CEO of Virta.
Source and top image: Virta
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