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Mii electric is the first electric vehicle from SEAT

The shift to electrified vehicles is gaining pace and SEAT starts its electric offensive with the introduction of the Mii electric. The Mii electric fuses design, an advanced powertrain, and new levels of connectivity with affordability. For more information see the IDTechEx report on Electric Vehicles 2020-2030.
SEAT's first production all-electric vehicle also lays the groundwork for future members to the family, with more EVs and PHEVs due to join the Mii electric in the near future, including the all-electric SEAT el-Born, plug-in hybrid versions of the Tarraco and Leon, and high-performance plug-in hybrid versions of CUPRA Formentor and CUPRA Leon.
"The market is changing, and electrification is expanding at an unprecedented rate. In Europe, the electric vehicle market grew by 46% in the first 4 months of the year, moving forward we expect electrified vehicles to play an important role within our range," said Luca de Meo, President of SEAT. "The Mii electric is the start of that journey, and at the same time brings to the market an affordable electric car."
The Mii electric will help prepare SEAT's expansive dealership network for the expanding electrified market and the challenges it will bring, making the transition for customers moving to electric vehicles seamless. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the Mii electric offers great agility while driving in the city and while parking. The Mii electric is taking up the mantle from the combustion engine Mii when production of that vehicle ends in July 2019.
The Mii electric's motor, linked to a single speed transmission, provides its 61kW (83PS) of power and 212Nm of torque instantly, meaning the five-door car can reach 50km/h from a standstill in only 3.9 seconds - perfect for jumping in and out of traffic. And the car's 36.8kWh lithium-ion battery pack, provides up to 260km of range from a single charge based on the WLTP test cycle.
The all-electric city car is the first model to include SEAT CONNECT, giving remote access and management of the vehicle. Customers can review driving data, parking position, the vehicle's status, including doors and lights, and the ability to control air-conditioning remotely from their smartphone app.
When the Mii electric enters its key markets - Germany, Netherlands, Norway, France, Spain, Austria, UK, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Finland and Sweden - it will be one of the most affordable electric vehicles. Costing the same as an equivalent combustion engine vehicle in the segment, but with significantly lower total cost of ownership - battery electric vehicles require less. In order to make customer's lives easier, SEAT will also offer charging options such as the installation of a SEAT Wallbox.
The Mii electric is the latest part of SEAT's electric story. In 1992 SEAT produced an all-electric Toledo to accompany athletes on the route of the marathon event during the Barcelona summer Olympic games. The vehicle boasted a range of 64km from its 500kg battery pack which could be recharged using a 2kW AC power supply.
More recently SEAT introduced the e-Mii prototype carsharing pilot project. A fleet of some 5 all-electric Mii prototypes are used on the roads of Barcelona, allowing more than 1,000 employees at SEAT Metropolis:Lab Barcelona and the Pier 01 Barcelona Tech City, to hop in and out of vehicles as and when they need.
The project has fed into the Mii electric vehicle and given valuable insight into how electric vehicles work on public roads.
SEAT Mii electric production will begin in Bratislava (Slovakia) in Q4 2019, with a market introduction starting from the very end of the year. Pre-sales of the SEAT Mii electric for the customers will start in September.
Source and top image: SEAT
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