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World's first all-in-one hydrogen refueler

With the rapid development of the fuel cell automobile industry and people's increasing awareness of environmental protection, the demand for fuel cell vehicles will skyrocket, leading to increased demand for hydrogen refueling infrastructures. For more information see the IDTechEx report on Distributed Generation: Minigrid Microgrid Zero Emission 2018-2038.
Across the international market, the United States of America is the undoubted leader in the world's hydrogen industry. The US government began to pay attention to hydrogen energy since as early as 1973 and has established the International Hydrogen Energy Association. The US government has given a large amount of financial support to hydrogen energy research, aiming to reduce the cost of hydrogen production, improve the efficiency of hydrogen storage system, and develop affordable hydrogen fuel cell.
In 2016, after selection amongst strong competition, the state government of Massachusetts confirmed that the world's first "commercialized renewable energy hydrogen production, storage, refueling, and fuel cell microgrid demonstration project" will be operated by Angstrom Advanced Inc. ( and be located in the Greater Boston area. The success of this project proves the feasibility of implementing the concept "Hydrogen Energy Communities" and indicates that the hydrogen industrial chain in the US is maturing. From the start of observing and researching hydrogen technology in the 1970s to the ever-maturing Hydrogen-industrial chain we see today, the United States has been at the forefront of innovation and progress on this path for nearly half a century.
Later, Angstrom Advanced Inc. developed the world's first all-in-one hydrogen refueler, which filled an international technological gap. The refueler is based closely on the industrial development trend and market demand. This system is mainly suitable for customers with urgent refueling demands or a relatively small amount of hydrogen needs. This refueler system has characteristics of high integration, easy maintenance and installation, high security and safety. It can also provide customized design according to unique customer requirements.
The biggest advantage of the refueler is that it is very user-friendly; it only requires water and electric connection for hydrogen refueling, making it safe, convenient, and reliable. Even though hydrogen refueling station is another option, it requires large amounts of capital and labor costs. The Angstrom refueler is capable of fueling a number of hydrogen vehicles per day (customized according to customer requirements), which can effectively alleviate the anticipated bottlenecks in the early stage of industrial development. The refueler has been professionally tested and certified by the US Savanah River National Lab, demonstrating the advancement and safety of each indicator of the system.
The successful development of the hydrogen refueler is a technological breakthrough when considering the long development experience of the US hydrogen energy industry and the maturation of hydrogen refueling station construction. This is the result of the combination of the US leading both the technological progress and industrial development trend; it is also a milestone in promoting the development of the global hydrogen energy industry.
Today, the hydrogen industry has established a new climax and we are looking forward to seeing its future developing trends.
Source: Angstrom Advanced Inc
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