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The new MINI Cooper SE, fully electric

Urban mobility with purely electric drive can now also be experienced in hallmark MINI style. The new MINI Cooper SE combines sustainable mobility with the design and quality that are typical of MINI. As such, the first solely electrically powered model of the British brand offers pure MINI feeling with locally emissions-free driving. Its model-specific lithium-ion battery enables a range of 235 to 270 kilometres. The high-voltage battery is situated deep in the vehicle floor, ensuring there are no limitations in terms of luggage compartment volume as compared to the conventionally powered MINI 3 Door. For more information see the IDTechEx report on Electric Vehicles 2020-2030.
60 years ago, the revolutionary design principle of the classic Mini established the basis for maximum interior space within a minimum surface area. The MINI was launched in 2001, a modern re-interpretation of the car and the new MINI Cooper SE will be the first purely electric premium small car.
MINI Cooper SE: an overview of the highlights.
  • First MINI and first small car in the premium segment to run on electrical power only.
  • Electric motor with 135 kW/184 hp and 270 Nm.
  • Model-specific lithium-ion battery enables range of 235 to 270 kilometres - without constraints in terms of luggage compartment volume.
  • Can be charged at a household socket, wallbox or public charging stations, fast direct-current charging possible at up to 50 kW.
  • Outstanding agility due to spontaneous power delivery, low centre of gravity, front-wheel drive and wheel slip limiting close to the actuator.
  • Acceleration from zero to 60 km/h in 3.9 seconds and from zero to 100 km/h in 7.3 seconds.
  • Characteristic design of the MINI 3 Door with model-specific accentuations.
  • Model-specific display and control elements in the interior.
  • Recuperation can be configured at two levels for individual one-pedal feeling.
  • Standard equipment features include LED headlamps, 2-zone automatic air conditioning, heating with heat pump technology, auxiliary heating, electric parking brake and Connected Navigation.
The new MINI Cooper SE is produced in at the MINI plant in Oxford along with the conventionally powered versions of the model. Its drive technology comes from the BMW Group competence centres for electromobility in Dingolfing and Landshut.
Peter Schwarzenbauer, Member of the Board of Management of BMW responsible for Mini, indicated BMW's apparent electrification plans in an interview with Autoexpress saying "For Mini, the Countryman as a plug-in hybrid was the first move - it is working much better than originally planned and shows electrifying Mini is the right way to go," Schwarzenbauer explained. "But then for Mini and small cars you have to focus yourself on emission-free, fully electric. Step-by-step we electrify the Mini line-up completely. "
Source and top image: BMW Group
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