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Gerben Hilboldt appointed as CTO of Koolen Industries

Electric vehicle specialist Gerben Hilboldt has been appointed as chief technology officer (CTO) of the Dutch clean energy solutions conglomerate Koolen Industries. Hilboldt was formerly the founder of and chief executive officer (CEO) for 18 years at Sioux Logena, which was formerly named Logena Automotive. For more information see the IDTechEx report on Electric Vehicles 2020-2030.
"Gerben is a real team player and has an impressive track record in mobility and smart city projects that fit well into Koolen Industries' mission to make clean energy solutions available for everyone," said Kees Koolen, CEO, Koolen Industries. Hilboldt will be in charge of coordinating research, development and technology integration to bolster Koolen Industries' efforts to solve global mobility challenges.
"Our work to facilitate the transition to clean mobility solutions, which include both electric vehicles as well as the infrastructure and services required, will make it easier for people to travel in sustainable ways," said Hilboldt.
"Koolen Industries is in a good position to lead this transition. As a vertically integrated group, we deliver across the full package to consumers, companies and cities, from clean energy generation and storage solutions, to electric vehicles that are part of integrated smart transport networks," said Koolen.
Koolen and Hilboldt share a passion for motorsports, where efficiency weight reduction and intelligent applications of technology are vital for success, just as they are in electric vehicle development.
About Gerben Hilboldt
Hilboldt has worked in the field of automation of electronic vehicle systems since 1996, contributing to and investing in new cutting edge technologies that make vehicles lighter and cleaner. In 2009 Hilboldt's company created the body controller hardware, including the software implementation and the wiring harness, for Gordon Murray Design's City Car of the future, which builds electric cars for companies such as Yamaha and Shell. In 2005, Hilboldt joined forces with Dale Hill, founder and former CEO of Proterra, to develop the world's first electric bus, complete with on- and off-board diagnosis and monitoring system. He was also in charge of multiple projects that replaced a kilometer of cables in vehicles with CAN-Bus controlled hard- and software. Prior to founding Logena Automotive in 2001, later renamed Sioux Logena, Hilboldt worked for Vialle, VDL, DAF and Volkswagen.
About Koolen Industries
The mission of Koolen Industries is to enable everyone to contribute to the energy transition. By using clean energy from wind and the sun, and making sure it is there whenever you need it, we will provide you with an autonomous life, independent of the grid. Koolen Industries builds and invests in a group of companies which together will make sure renewable energy will always be available, whenever and wherever you need it. Reliable and safe. Made possible by ingenious software.
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