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Tritium opens state-of-the-art innovation and customer-focused R&D

Tritium, a leader in electric vehicle (EV) DC fast-and high-power charging technology, has opened the doors of a new facility in Los Angeles which will enable the company to increase production to cater for a growing sales pipeline in the Americas region. For more information see the IDTechEx report on Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure 2019-2029: Forecast, Technologies and Players.
The Tritium E-Mobility Innovation Center in Los Angeles will feature a testing facility to allow automotive manufacturers in the US to test vehicles for DC charger interoperability with the suite of advanced Tritium DC chargers. It will also provide expanded manufacturing and logistics capabilities for Tritium, along with a customer-focused Research and Development (R&D) facility to enable the company to create customized solutions to meet unique customer requests.
In addition, the company has launched the RT175s DC High Power Charger (HPC), which was designed specifically for the United States market. The RT175s will be available from Q4 this year and will provide the most flexible and lowest-cost installation of a charger in its class.
"We outgrew our previous facility in Torrance faster than we ever expected, which is a testament not only to the team we have and the technology we can produce, but also to the growing demand for electric vehicle infrastructure in the United States and in particular California," said Jeff Wolfe, President, Americas, Tritium. "We are seeing greatly increased product demand, both with our award-winning Veefil-RT50 product and with the upcoming US availability of our RT175 DC HPCs towards the end of the year. Following a number of significant wins in recent months, our new facility will allow us to provide customers with unequalled logistics capabilities, uniquely-tailored solutions and local production."
Bringing flexible, high-power charging to the mainstream
The RT175, ideal for urban areas and vertical industry deployments, is based on the world-leading Veefil-PK concept currently being installed across Europe with the IONITY network, the fastest and largest network of its kind in the world and a joint venture of the BMW Group, Daimler AG, Ford Motor Company and the Volkswagen Group including Audi and Porsche.
At 175kW, the RT175s can add 110 miles of range to an electric vehicle in just 10 minutes. Tritium's flexible design and architecture approach ensures the chargers can be delivered at scale and low cost, and to suit the aesthetic requirements of the surrounding area.
"The market has determined what level of charge power it requires at the high-end of charging in the United States, and the answer is 175kW. There are almost no vehicles on the market that can charge beyond that range at this time," said Wolfe. "We're providing what the market wants, while ensuring our customers can deploy these chargers both at scale and cost-effectively. With the proliferation of 50kW DC Fast Chargers, drivers will have all the choice in charge speed they require for the foreseeable future. The RT175s can be deployed anywhere and we see it being ideally suited to urban areas and within industries requiring tailored solutions, such as ports, fleets and any industry looking to electrify its automotive operations."
Expanding to meet demand for innovative solutions
Last year, Gilbarco Veeder-Root made a minority investment in Tritium. The investment has since enabled Tritium to accelerate a number of strategic activities, including operational expansion in the US and has led to an increase in staff numbers since the start of 2019 of about 50 percent. As part of the opening of the new facility in Los Angeles, Tritium is expected to increase staff numbers in the areas of logistics, engineering, sales, administration and manufacturing in the coming months.
The shift to a new, larger facility follows on the heels of a deal with SSA Marine to supply the Port of Long Beach in California with 33 modified RT175s DC HPCs - which will be equipped with Stäubli's Quick Charging Connector (QCC) - to enable the fast charging of the port's entire fleet of electric-drive terminal tractors automatically and simultaneously. The project represents the largest automated vehicle charging program at any port in the US.
"The deal with SSA Marine is a validation of our unique ability to tailor a high-power solution to meet bespoke customer needs," said Wolfe. "We see the SSA Marine solution becoming the norm across ports in the US. We are also seeing a number of requests for tailored EV infrastructure coming from vertical industries such as utilities, fleets, transit, retailers, and governments of all sizes across the country."
Last year, the company announced it was receiving a portion of $3.2 million in federal funding awarded to Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) by the Department of Energy, to develop an extreme fast-charging system that can connect directly to the distribution grid. EPRI allocated about $400,000 for Tritium to develop a custom version of its Veefil-PK high-powered charging head, along with providing input for system design and testing.
Tritium's proactive investments in the US have been recognized by various government offices, which has led to significant working relationships with those departments.
About Tritium
Tritium is a technology company that designs and manufactures the world's most advanced DC charging equipment for electric vehicles (EV). With offices in Los Angeles, California, as well as Australia and The Netherlands, Tritium has emerged as a leading global DC fast charger (DCFC) and high power charger (HPC) supplier with more than 3,000 installations in over 30 countries, including across the United States. The company is the largest supplier of 350kW DC HPCs to the world's largest ultra-fast network, and its award-winning Veefil-RT 50kW DCFC has been installed in many private and public networks across the globe. Each product supports light to heavy duty fleets, ports, bus fleets and depots, retail, forecourts and utility-backed projects.
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