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ETT, the E-bikes-for-couriers rental company signs up Heliocor

Last year, UK courier and express delivery sales increased by a spectacular 12% to reach £12.6 billion; growth of 62% since 2014. Over the next 5 years, the industry is expected to grow at over 10% annually. For more information see the IDTechEx report on Electric Two-wheelers 2019-2029.
Originally founded in New Zealand in 2012, ETT Industries ( is a UK company that is dedicated to making electric personal transportation solutions for the modern urban lifestyle. ETT runs a flexible rental service for London couriers, using custom designed E-bikes. Early this year, ETT launched a brand-new electric bike rental scheme for couriers and has successfully onboarded more than 100 riders for different takeaway delivery companies across London. With the increasing numbers of riders joining the ecosystem, ETT is keen to adopt rigorous identity and safety systems.
ETT has therefore chosen Heliocor, the emerging RegTech that wants to change the way the world does business, to validate their riders' ID verification and simplify the onboarding process of couriers who rent their E-bikes. Heliocor's Dokstor ( solution will help ETT verify the identity of the riders renting their electric bikes through a validation of the riders' driving license, a live selfie, a proof of address and Rider ID, etc. all which can be uploaded via either their smartphones or on ETT's website. To support the Mayor of London's net zero emissions goal of 2050, ETT promotes the use of E-bikes in the delivery industry to help promote a safe, healthy, clean ecosystem.
Heliocor's Managing Director, Vikas Tripathi, commented, "Riders' Identity is a significant safety concern for consumers. Transportation pollution is also a huge problem. We are delighted to be working with ETT Industries to provide smooth rider on-boarding for renting electric bikers. We are working to make quality ID verification a common practice among the riders in the city. We are delighted to play our part in the mission to make London a cleaner and safer city. "
Jay Wen, CEO of ETT Industries said, "We are excited to begin using Heliocor to provide a smooth and secure onboarding process for our customers, allowing us to grow our service to get as many couriers as possible onto E-bikes. We believe by using Dokstor, We are helping London from not only reducing the noise and emissions but also enhancing safety in the courier industry."
The partnership is a milestone in London's journey towards a net zero carbon city by providing bikers with the option to become socially responsible in their energy choices whilst provide the growing digital community a safer service.
About ETT
ETT Industries was established with expertise from the automotive industry. Initially, their focus was design and engineering of electric vehicles. Five years since ETT started in 2014, they are now in London, Paris, Shanghai and Tokyo. As well as offering design and engineering services to external companies, ETT is expanding as an emerging tech company, committed to revolutionising the courier transportation industry. They are in the middle of securing funding to expand to the next level.
ETT product portfolio:
  • Trayser 2.0, pedal assist electric bicycle, designed specifically for courier use in collaboration with Deliveroo UK. Its range of over 100km makes it ideal for ETT's rental service.
  • Raker, a 50cc equivalent (L1e) electric motorcycle/scooter with patented Aluminium monocoque frame
  • Trayser, a pedal assist electric bicycle with patented Aluminium monocoque frame
  • H1L, a limited edition electric motorcycle made in partnership with Universal Pictures for the Fast and Furious 8 film - won Universal Best Hardline production
About Heliocor- External Link
Heliocor's mission is change the way the world does business; restoring trust. Our goal is to radically reduce the $100 billion+ annual cost of fraud globally by building an anti-fraud ecosystem based on our existing product families. Heliocor's foundation product is RoboliticsTM, a high-speed data analytics engine, that helps financial institutions manage their compliance more effectively and much more cheaply than other solutions. Heliocor also supports clients with Know your Client (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) onboarding via its Dokstor suite of software. Dokstor is available in API/iFrame (linked to RoboliticsTM) and App formats (in both the Play and App Stores).
Combining the two developed and delivered products with the leveraging power of blockchain, Heliocor intends to build world's first global anti-fraud ecosystem. This will radically reduce and potentially eliminate identity fraud.
Heliocor was recently selected by Ping An Group (the largest insurance company in China by market value and the 5th largest in the world) supported by the Futian Government in Shenzhen, China, and sponsored by SparkLabs, a globally renowned accelerator and venture fund as the top 17 tech companies from 550 to join its Ping An Global Cloud Accelerator.
Heliocor contact:
Warm Regards,
Elly Zhang
Director of Partnerships
20 Birchin Lane
DDI: +44 203 006 6411
Source: Heliocor
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