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Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus first series-produced electric truck

VW Trucks and Buses has taken a big step towards electric mobility: it has officially announced partners for the production of the first Brazilian electric trucks. Bosch, CATL, Moura, Semcon, Siemens, Weg, Meritor and Eletra are part of the e-Consortium in VWCO's development and production complex in Resende (RJ). For more information see the IDTechEx report on Electric Trucks and Delivery Vans 2018-2028.
Serial production is scheduled to start in 2020, with the 14 ton e-Delivery, which will be the first in VWCO's electric portfolio. Factory adjustments are underway and involve preparation for the assembly of electrical components, vehicle energization and quality inspection in an area specifically designated for e-Delivery. Following will be the 11 ton e-Delivery model.
"This initiative goes into the history of the global automotive industry. Together, VWCO and partners, we have joined forces to make the production and application of the first electric trucks developed and made in Brazil viable," said Roberto Cortes, president and CEO of VW Trucks and Buses.
The brand has anticipated everything from assembling to recharging infrastructure and battery lifecycle management of these trucks, leveraging the commitment of the entire supply chain. Activities of each e-Consortium partner include:
  • Siemens, to provide infrastructure, chargers and power to customers.
  • CATL and Moura for the supply, management, distribution and maintenance of batteries.
  • Bosch and WEG for component supply.
  • Semcon for providing engineering services.
  • Meritor on axles of electric vehicles.
  • Bus company Eletra as a strategic partnership.
The e-Consortium idea follows the Modular Consortium model, a one-stop production system, seven suppliers share the responsibility with VWCO for assembling the vehicles within the factory, with increased productivity and cost reduction.
The first truck developed in Brazil to go into series production in 2020 is the 14 ton e-Delivery, designed in the 6x2 configuration. The model features a new powertrain suite and modular architecture to service the entire portfolio of Volkswagen electric commercial vehicles. The electric motor delivers up to 260kW of power with autonomy of up to 200 km, varying according to operating conditions. Battery recharging can be performed flexibly (30% in 15 minutes or 100% in 3 hours) to meet the most varied demands of the operation, as well as the availability of infrastructure.
The 14-ton e-Delivery also features intelligent vehicle mass readings to adjust energy consumption in conjunction with Eco-Drive Mode.
To maximize e-Delivery performance, the brake has a dynamic regeneration system capable of recovering up to 35% of the braking energy that will be used to recharge the batteries. In addition to signing a global cooperation agreement for the development of an electric mobility business model, the team are working together to test the e-Delivery electric truck, which has run more than 15,000 kilometers in engineering tests and real life conditions in the city of São Paulo.
The electric truck is recharged with 100% electricity from clean sources such as wind and solar; 43% of its energy comes from the vehicle's own regenerative brake system.
Source and top image: Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus
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