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Charge Expands its Charging Docking Stations Across the US and Europe

With some cities housing over 50,000 shared electric scooters from operators such as Bird, Lime, Spin and Voi, and more and more landing every week, something has to give. Cities are unable to cope with the extreme clutter caused by these vehicles and the race to build infrastructure for micro-mobility has begun. For more information see the IDTechEx report on Electric Two Wheelers 2019-2029.
Charge​ has a suite of infrastructure charging and parking solutions designed to bring order to the chaos. Included in its product offerings are the Company's two flagship products: Smart-Charging Stations, intended to provide a convenient place for end-users to park and charge e-scooters, and its Smart-Charging Hubs, designed to serve the "juicing" community and capable of charging op to 70 scooters at once.
Having these products is one thing, however the ability to deploy them throughout cities around the world is a significant challenge that Charge has solved. To-date, they have secured over 6,000 locations across the U.S. and Europe to install their innovative infrastructure and are starting trials with 50 electric smart-charging stations across Europe in cities like Paris, Lyon, Lisbon and Milan.
Andrew Fox, Co-Founder and CEO of Charge states, "We provide a win-win solution for cities, scooter operators, riders and residents, while ensuring that streets are organised and scooters are charged."
Charge has landed contracts across the U.S. and Europe and is now embarking on raising capital having witnessed the demand for their suite of product offerings explode in recent months with the announcement of their new charging stations. Previously the Company raised $2.5 million in a private fundraising round and is now discussing a 'large' round with numerous investors.
Fox explains, "Charge's product suite help cities overcome the current chaos of sidewalk scooter clutter where scooters are blocking public right of ways and creating many issues for local residents."
Charge's smart-charging and docking station detects which scooter operators have scooters that are docked in its station and charges only the scooters who have an agreement with Charge. Each operator is then charged by percentage of charge, just as you fill up your car at a gas station and get charged for the amount of gas you use.
Charge enables the scooters to be used more while also ensuring that users can easily find a charged scooter to safely commence on their journey.
About Charge
Charge​ is a micro-mobility company dedicated to building the largest network of electric charging, storage and service stations for e-scooters. The Company's docking stations provide a convenient, safe and cost-effective space to charge, store and service e-vehicles, while reducing e-vehicle clutter on city streets and sidewalks. Charge has entered into numerous agreements with garage operators and property owners, securing a network of over 6,000 locations to install its docking stations.
Source: Charge
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