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eLoaded Presents Lightest Charging Cable

eLoaded (Germany) released the next generation of charging cables as part of its charging infrastructure solutions. These brand-new system solutions were developed in close cooperation with HUBER+SUHNER. They are setting new standards in terms of efficiency and user experience. Thanks to this innovation, charging is now getting unlimited accessible, simple and safe.
The new charging cables were developed in two versions, cooled and uncooled, to bring eLoaded's wide range of performance portfolio to the road. From 5 kW up to 500 kW can be transferred to a car at a single charging point. The cables and plugs are compliant with all common systems. Both versions have been designed for significantly improved handling. To illustrate: Less than 2.5 kg holding force is required at the point of interaction, which allows the cable to be controlled even with the little finger. The system solutions, developed in cooperation with HUBER+SUHNER, allow stable and constant charging currents of up to 500 A. This makes them really standing out from other solutions in the market. For more information see the IDTechEx report on Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles and Fleets 2021-2031.
Integrated in eLoaded's charging infrastructure solutions the new cables enable real barrier-free and wheelchair accessible charging. With this technology, the restriction of path and parking space widths belong just as much to the past as the constriction of open spaces. The charging cables do not touch the floor. Neither during the charging process nor in the waiting position. This needs no additional devices and results in clean hands as well as less risks of accidents. eLoaded's charging solutions make this possible.
eLoaded develops fully customizable charging solutions in its finest art. From charging power to colour scheme and even haptic - almost everything can be individualized. This allows to create, reinforce or even reinvent corporate and district identities.
eLoaded - Efficient and Comfortable Energy Supply from Grid to Car
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Contact: eLoaded GmbH, Fabrikstr. 1, D-86356 Neusäß
René Heining, Global Head of Sales & Marketing
Phone: +49 (0) 170 578 90 28 E-Mail:
Here 500 kW find place on 0.004m² only (7cm diameter): Real High Power Charging with less than 2.5 kg holding force. That's how stylish, barrier-free and space saving charging works today. (to section 1,3)
eLoaded DC Cube: Charging infrastructure for up to 500 kW on narrow areas. In addition highly customizable and barrier-fee. (to section 3,4)
eLoaded Supra Charger: Charging infrastructure for multiple applications with up to 500 kW charging power. Barrier-free and impressive customizable illumination. (to section 3,4)
eLoaded charging cable: With less than 2.5kg holding force up to 300 A charging current. (to section 1,2)
Source: eLoaded
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