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eLoaded Develops E-Mobility-Hubs in Europe

As mobility expert, eLoaded supports such complex projects within the context of research and development initiatives. With its expertise, eLoaded promotes the way for sustainable and interconnected mobility.
One of these projects is a Innovation Center for energy and mobility with Europe's most extensive charging infrastructure. The planning includes more than 200 charging points, including high power charging points with up to 500kW charging power. A Lighthouse project in Europe! eLoaded cooperates with several well-known partners to optimize the entire value chain of charging infrastructure. As one of hundreds measures in Europe, the project is a milestone for electrified mobility. The hybrid constructed building could offer on more than 20,000 m² and several floors plenty of space for multifunctional use. For further information see the IDTechEx report on Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles and Fleets 2021-2031.
eLoaded is specialized in hardware and software development as well as supplier and development partner for the electrification of mobility. The team works with its own R&D department and with scientific partners on innovative service concepts for energy and mobility hubs that are ready for future. The front-end and back-end structures are designed to meet complex customer requirements and include site energy management as well as efficient charging infrastructure.
To provide profound decision-making base for shaping those projects, locations get analyzed in-depth over a period of few months.
With the support of Retail-Lab University of St. Gallen and other scientific institutions (including the Kernkompetenzzentrum Finanz- und Informationsmanagement), locations get examined from various perspectives. In addition to the analysis of region-specific user groups and stakeholders, the question about the difference between a gas station and an e-mobility hub got investigated. The approach differs particularly in consideration of local conditions and individual needs (pain points) of the highly diversified target groups.
In addition to the obvious difference in energy supply, a "gas station of the future" will especially bring together diverse mobility forms. The station will thus become a mobility hub and a transfer platform. Individual mobility, public transport, e-scooters, car-/e-bike/ride-sharing, ride-pooling and many other mobility services can be brought together.
Multiple business models and business ideas got developed, elaborated and evaluated. Case studies were supervised, various university institutions were involved and a large number of surveys and expert interviews were conducted. The business ideas reach from e-mobility, concept stores and showrooms, co-working spaces, innovation workshops to digital services such as information, booking and payment.
eLoaded demonstrates the importance of efficient energy distribution between various mobility platforms and user groups, especially for larger charging locations. By considering energy throughput, power distribution and flexibility, eLoaded creates an outstanding level of total efficiency of charging locations. Those topics have typically not been considered in site assessments so far.
eLoaded developed several concepts in detail. One concept represents an office building with different tenants and separated offer for charging infrastructure. In another concept, energy utility companies serve the hub with energy and mobility topics. An alternative version represents a holistic interconnection with several business units as well as options for further expansion. This connects several mobility services and businesses.
As conclusion, eLoaded recommends to design E-Mobility-Hubs as holistic and interconnected hubs for energy and mobility in order to meet the needs of future user groups. Those are a lot more sensitive to sustainable mobility, efficient use of travel time and healthiness. To meet these market demands, hubs and business models need to be dynamically designed and operated. This requires innovative players who can turn the Hub into a pulsating mobility platform.
Contact: eLoaded GmbH
Fabrikstr. 1, D-86356 Neusäß
René Heining Global Head of Sales & Marketing
Phone: +49 (0) 170 578 90 28
About eLoaded GmbH:
As a mobility and energy expert, eLoaded offers hard- and software-based solutions for the interconnection of various business and mobility units. This creates economically and ecologically highly efficient ecosystems. eLoaded accompanies customers worldwide from site assessment, through site concept to constructional implementation, delivery and commissioning.
Source: eLoaded
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