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New EV Record, Battle for Second Place, AutoMotive Electric Car Count

Electric Car Count: March 2021
March 2021 saw the highest number of new electric vehicles registered in the UK in a single month.
  • 20,262 BEVs registered in March 2021,
  • Highest number in one month on record (followed by 20,165 in Dec 2020 and 20,009 in Sep 2020).
This March's registrations saw a significant increase compared to the previous years:
  • 20,262 in Mar 2021,
  • 10,432 in Mar 2020 and
  • 3,406 in Mar 2019.
March saw an increase in registrations of hybrids to 46,163, up from 23,073 in March 2020.
All car manufacturers have seen significant growth in their EV sales in the last year.
Tesla tops the charts
While all car manufacturers are seeing significant growth in BEV sales, they are struggling to keep up with Tesla. Tesla achieved a 31.21% share of the market for new EVs in March 2021.
Tesla has been successfully holding a third of the market, despite growth in other manufacturers' BEV sales.
The data comes from DVLA's vehicle licensing database, accessed by the DVLA's API. We obtained records for all vehicles registered in March 2021. We present data for newly registered vehicles that are type 'M1', i.e. passenger vehicles.
About New AutoMotive
New AutoMotive is an independent transport research organisation founded in 2020 with a mission to support the switch to electric vehicles in the UK. We recognise that consumers will speed up the transition to EVs and put them at the heart of everything we do.
Our data-led research helps them understand innovations in EVs and assists governments, manufacturers and entrepreneurs in making the best decisions on their behalf. We use analysis from social research to influence policy and to ensure change is enacted to benefit British motorists. Unlike most research organisations, we will be building consumer products to test our thinking and to drive change in the real world.
Source: Harpswood PR
Top image: Pixabay
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