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InoBat Signs First Commercial Vehicle Partnership with SOR

European electric vehicle battery developer and producer, InoBat Auto has today announced a landmark agreement with SOR, one of the largest producers of city and intercity-buses in Central Europe, with the intention to design, develop and supply batteries for a new urban, intercity and long-distance electric bus fleet.
The framework agreement with SOR represents the first foray into the commercial vehicle market for InoBat, who is developing premium customised batteries from the heart of Europe, which can be tailored to any electric vehicle using a unique R&D High-Throughput Processing platform developed by Wildcat Discovery Technologies, InoBat's technological partner. This patented technology allows InoBat to identify the optimum cell chemistries for any electric vehicle and meet the exact requirements of any vehicle or automaker up to 10x faster, more efficiently and less expensively than competitors.
The agreement comes as SOR plans to contribute to the shift to electric mobility throughout Europe. InoBat is expected to provide research, development and the production of battery modules, packs and battery management systems built on NMC Cells. SOR is conveniently located close to InoBat's world-first R&D centre and pilot line in Slovakia, where the first batteries will be produced and supplied later this year. For more information see the IDTechEx report on Energy Storage for Electric Buses and Trucks 2019-2029.
With a production legacy spanning 25 years, SOR has been manufacturing city and intercity-buses in the Czech Republic for its market in the Czech Republic and 12 other European countries. The partnership with InoBat will see SOR drive forward the electrification of buses and coaches across Europe, supporting the European Union's ambitions of a net-zero carbon future.
Marian Bocek, Co-Founder and CEO of InoBat stated, "We are delighted to announce our first partnership agreement with SOR. The partnership, which brings together Slovakia and the Czech Republic for the greater global aim of the electrification of transport, is an important milestone for InoBat and Europe's commercial vehicle market. We look forward to working closely with SOR to establish a long-term partnership from development to delivery, to create a fully integrated battery research, development and production line, customised to our partner's requirements."
Vitezslav Tymr, Member of the Board of Directors of SOR, commented, "In the Czech Republic, we have been pioneering electric-driven solutions for our buses for many years before the topic came to recent prominence. We are glad that in InoBat we found a partner, which is regionally close, yet has the prerequisites to elevate the co-operation to such a level that would have a relevance within the European context."
InoBat is backed by a strong consortium of investors and technology companies, including lead investor IPM Group (IPM) - a leading InfraTech asset manager, who specialises in bringing ground-breaking technologies to Europe - strategic investors and partners include CEZ (strategic investment of EUR 10m in InoBat), Matador, AEN, MSM Group, Across and Wildcat Discovery Technologies.
About InoBat
InoBat discovers and produces intelligent battery solutions customised to the individual specification of the end-user for an increasingly diverse market of electric vehicles in automotive, aviation, commercial and industrial sectors. Based in Slovakia, in the heart of Europe, InoBat is building the first-of-its-kind fully integrated R&D centre and pilot line by 2022 and a Gigafactory in the following phase. InoBat uses a unique R&D High Throughput Processing (HTP) platform to design cell chemistries, validate research and continuously improve to safety, quality and performance of the latest battery innovations. InoBat's 'discovery to delivery' approach fast tracks cell innovation from the laboratory to the shop floor, to produce high performance, technology-driven customised batteries at scale for the benefit of our customers.
About SOR
SOR Libchavy Ltd. has been, since its establishment in 1991, developing and producing range of city- and intercity-buses according to its own, unique, designs, focusing on bringing its customers added value through superb fuel efficiency. SOR manufactures wide range of products in terms of purpose (city / intercity buses), length (from 8.5m till 18m) as well as fuel (electric / trolley / CNG / hybrid / conventional), managing to also design and provide tailor made solutions, which found its place on 12 markets throughout Europe.
About High Throughput Processing Technology (HTP)
InoBat's key technological advantage is the proprietary mixture of HTP and artificial intelligence (AI) research developed by Wildcat Discovery Technologies, which allows InoBat to carry out R&D to efficiently optimise battery requirements at a small scale which can be quickly and efficiently replicated on a larger scale - in this case scaling up its findings from a level of grams to kilograms. This allows InoBat Auto to efficiently create customisable solutions which fit a manufacturers specification - rather than the current 'catalogue' approach currently offered by its competition and do so at great speed. No other cell maker has the HTP and AI ability to move up and down these capacities as quickly or seamlessly, allowing InoBat to provide its customers with their 'best' answer, at up to 10x a reduction in cost or time.
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