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eLoaded Charging Technology Provider for ADAC Opel e-Rally Cup

As the world's first purely battery-electric brand trophy series, the ADAC Opel e-Rally Cup clearly takes the position of a pioneer. A race series that does not use any fossil fuels along the energy chain. Sustainability can be this emotional and exciting. Welcome to e-motorsport: Emotion without emission! The kick-off event on 11th and 12th of June as part of the ADAC Rally Stemweder Berg will prove that, followed by 7 other events in 2021. eLoaded will be there.
Side-by-side with Opel Motorsport, part of the Stellantis Group - one of the world's largest automotive companies, eLoaded has been answering the question of "how to temporarily provide high level charging power at versatile locations."
The Rally Scene is not forgiving any mistake. There is no room for malfunctions or interruptions. At the same time, the technology needs to fit with up to 9 diversified locations per year. This requires a reliable and versatile charging system without power limitations. Because in motorsport happens, what elsewhere is not more than a hypothetical scenario: 100% simultaneous high power charging. Because once the race section is finished, there is only a tightly timed service slot to recharge for all cars. At ADAC Opel e-Rally Cup this means the provision 2MW charging power. Without any interruption. For further information see the IDTechEx report on Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles and Fleets 2021-2031.
"Being a pioneer means breaking new ground and facing problems with creativity, fighting spirit and determination. In eLoaded we found a partner who encouraged and supported us in this role. It was also important for me not to rely on PowerPoint solutions, but on solutions that have already proven their capabilities under real service conditions. Exactly what we found in eLoaded GmbH." said Jörg Schrott, Director of Opel Motorsport.
The highly flexible and versatile charging network eLoadedDC as mobile version allows a safe and quick set-up. Almost everywhere. And all that without any hazardous materials or substances. For this purpose, the series technology of eLoaded has been upgraded with special quick-release connectors, so that also the cabling can be performed on site in racing speed. Assembly or disassembly now takes no longer than a day. Everything else is based on series technology: DCCube-140 and eLiix-350 can charge up to 140KW. The charging cables are designed for loads of up to 350A along a voltage range from 200 to 980V (eLiix-500 can provide up to 500A). This means, the charging technology can also charge 800V battery systems without any problem. And thanks to a unique grid topology, the so called eLoaded DCBus, the charging points can be flexibly arranged. This allows adaptation to different site conditions or concepts.
Contact: eLoaded GmbH
Fabrikstr. 1, D-86356 Neusäß
René Heining Global Head of Sales & Marketing
Source: eLoaded
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