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Ev Dynamics' 12-Meter E-Bus Passes Homologation in Europe

Ev Dynamics' 12-Meter E-Bus Passes Homologation in Europe
Ev Dynamics (Holdings) Limited, a provider of new energy vehicles and integrated technology solutions, has announced that its 12-meter E-Bus model has passed the Whole Vehicle-Type-Approval System (WVTA) and Standardized On-Road Test Cycles (E-SORT) of the Economic Commission of Europe, laying the foundation for the Company's entry into the European market at large. The Company's 12-meter E-Bus is currently on its way to Munich, Germany, where it will be used as a test and display unit for European clients.
Specifically designed with a distinctive and fresh aesthetic, this high-tech vehicle has a reliable grade climbing performance and has been designed and manufactured to meet European standards.
The Company will work with its strategic partner, Quantron AG, a German-based company engaged in inner-city e-mobility and regional freight and passenger transportation, to tap into the European market with the 12-meter E-Bus model. For further information see the IDTechEx report on Electric, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Buses 2021-2040.
Miguel Valldecabres Polop, CEO of Ev Dynamics, said: "We are thrilled to have taken a big step forward in launching our e-buses in the European EV market. With the vehicle now having passed homologation, we are ready to leverage the business network and experience of Quantron and launch our products in Europe. We believe this high-performing and environmentally friendly bus will win a warm welcome from the European market and become a key solution to replace the diesel buses currently being used, thus showing great development potential."
Michael Perschke, International Advisor of Ev Dynamics and CEO of Quantron, said: "We are seeing a growing demand for EVs in Europe on the back of favorable policies and the market trend of electrification of public transport. In light of the strategic partnership, Quantron will focus on product development whilst Ev Dynamics will be in charge of production. We have also participated in several public transportation tenders. Our collaboration has made significant progress and will continue to deliver good operational efficiency and robust business growth."
Currently, the Company holds a total of 9,157 shares in Quantron, representing approximately 14.43% of the enlarged share capital of the German company. Quantron has started delivering electric vans to IKEA Austria.
About Ev Dynamics (Holdings) Limited
Ev Dynamics (Holdings) Limited is a pioneer and a prominent player in China's new energy commercial vehicles market, as well as a whole-vehicle manufacturer of specialty passenger vehicles and new energy passenger vehicles. It is an integrated driving and logistics solutions provider with a solid technological foundation in diverse areas including new energy platform power systems and their key components. The Group has a production base in Chongqing and it has developed its sales network in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Asia Pacific and South America.
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