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Subaru's First Global All-Electric Vehicle Solterra Makes World Debut

Subaru's First Global All-Electric Vehicle Solterra Makes World Debut
Subaru Corporation has unveiled their new battery electric vehicle (BEV) Solterra, the brand's first BEV to be launched globally.
Solterra is an SUV in an environmentally friendly package that includes the know-how cultivated with the well known Subaru Global Platform. Subaru has jointly developed the e-Subaru Global Platform together with Toyota Motor Corporation as a BEV-dedicated platform.
High capacity battery packs are placed under the floor of the Solterra and by utilizing that battery as a part of the structure, a low center of gravity and high body strength and rigidity are realized. For further information see the IDTechEx report on Electric Vehicles: Land, Sea and Air 2021-2041.
Solterra has adopted a new system that drives the front and rear wheels with separate motors, taking advantage of their expertise in all wheel drive technology precisely controlling the wheels.
By designing the skeleton shape of each part of the body and optimizing the material strength, Solterra achieves both weight reduction and superior collision safety at the same time. In the event of a collision, the structure that transfers the load to multiple body skeletons efficiently absorbs the collision energy. It protects not only the vehicle occupants, but also protects the high-voltage equipment in the BEV.
The vehicle has been jointly-developed by Toyota and Subaru, which entered into a new business and capital alliance in September 2019.
The launch of the Solterra will start by the middle of 2022 in markets including Japan, the United States, Canada, Europe and China.
Source and images: Subaru Corporation
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