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L-Charge Creates World's Fastest Electric Vehicle Charger

L-Charge Creates World's Fastest Electric Vehicle Charger
EV charging company L-Charge has created a fully functioning off-grid station for electric vehicles. Running on an internal supply of LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) and Hydrogen mixture, it greatly lowers the barrier to entry for local and federal adoptance. Regular chargers take 2-8hr per 100km of distance while L-Charge powers 1km per second.
'The call for faster and more affordable EV charging is real' says Boston EV user Jeremy Kaplan. "It takes up to four days for my car to get a full charge, and high speed options are overpriced and often unavailable." Kaplan says 250 miles of charge typically takes 8-10 hrs, and costs him roughly 10-12 USD. " For further information see the IDTechEx report on Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles and Fleets 2022-2032.
"On demand access to high speed EV charging is our top priority" says L-Charge CEO, Dmitry Lashin. "Our stations are built to combat objections from those who fear EV adoption."
The company also offers a fleet of on demand vehicle chargers that come to you! The mobile service is currently offered in European cities as a trial (see image).
L-Charge's stationary off grid stations provide full charge for up to 144 vehicles per day and are designed for highways, gas stations, and parking lots.
About L Charge
Our mission: "Make all cars electric" We produce and improve FAST OFF-GRID EV-chargers that work on CLEAN FUEL. Success of scalability our solutions is COMMERCIAL interest and NOT subsidy.
Source and top image: Lightyear Strategies
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