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SEA Electric Trucks Claim Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia Award

SEA Electric Trucks Claim Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia Award
The SEA Electric Australian produced range of all-electric trucks has edged out stout competition to claim the prestigious Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia (HVIA) Product Innovation Award for 2021.
Launched earlier this year, the SEA 300 EV and SEA 500 EV model trucks represent the first comprehensive battery electric powered truck range available globally, with applications available from 4.5 tonne car licence vehicles through to 22.5 tonne three-axle trucks. The SEA Electric range features leading performance, range possibilities and whisper-quiet operation, with zero local carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, or methane emissions.
This move to series production in Australia has resulted in SEA Electric becoming the country's latest OEM, with the trucks available via a nationwide network of established dealers, fully backed by a comprehensive aftersales offering including factory warranties and roadside service through NTI. For SEA Electric, the HVIA award, which recognises industry members who have designed and utilised new technology, or built an innovative product to address the growing road freight task, affirms its commitment to the Australian market. For further information see the IDTechEx report on Electric Truck Markets 2021-2041.
"This is a proud day for SEA Electric, and acknowledges the pioneering efforts by the team to develop world-leading technology that is genuinely making a positive impact on the environment," said Bill Gillespie, SEA Electric President Asia - Pacific. "The transport industry is the second highest producer of carbon dioxide emissions across the country outside of traditional power generation, and this is clearly a subject that will continue to be under the microscope as the industry investigates future options. Here at SEA Electric, we are at the forefront of providing cutting edge products that have been extensively tested in the field, and have been warmly embraced by companies looking to take environmental leadership. We are entering an exciting phase for the zero-emissions logistics scene, so to have our efforts recognised by the HVIA with this award is very gratifying."
Meanwhile, for Glen Walker, SEA Electric Vice President Asia - Pacific Region, the industry recognition is validation of years of development carried out by the company. Glen, who oversees operational activities across the Asia Pacific Region, including new products, design for manufacture and assembly systems innovation, notes the significant step that the company has made this year.
"Producing these trucks here in Australia for Australia, and distributing and supporting them via a national dealer network, is resonating positively within the marketplace," said Glen. "We are proud of this award, and we continue to be proud of our achievements in producing a full range of class-leading innovative trucks that normalise zero-emission propulsion. They just work."
The SEA Electric range of trucks are assembled in Melbourne from Semi Knocked Down (SKD) kits, with the truck cab mated to chassis rails, suspension, wheels and the patented SEA-Drive® power-system. The drive train is currently available in four specifications, ranging from 134kW/700Nm, through to 350kW/3,500Nm, with various battery capacities available between 88kWh and 220kWh.
Future-proofed with an upgradable plug and play architecture, the SEA-Drive® power-system can be charged via the world's most extensive charging network, which is 415V 3-phase power through the truck's standard onboard charging equipment, with optional DC fast charging also available. From an operational perspective, lower maintenance and running costs are possible, with diesel consumption eliminated and fewer moving parts minimising service costs and time.
Another highlight of the trucks are the improved workplace health and safety conditions for operators, with the powertrain producing no noise or fumes while reducing vibrations, which combine to limit driver fatigue, with its mid-mounted configuration providing additional safety and stability. The SEA-Drive® power-system had previously been offered to the market as a retrofit option for existing internal combustion engine powered vehicles, however, this fresh process of assembling the trucks from new results in less wastage, quicker build times and lower costs.
While SEA Electric is an Australian success story, the company firmly has its sights set on global leadership, with a presence now across five continents. The company recently notched up a single order in North America for 1,150 units, with further significant announcements due imminently.
Further details on the SEA Electric range and its national dealer network can be found at
About SEA Electric
SEA Electric is an Australian company with a global reach specialising in the assembly and 100% electrification of commercial vehicles worldwide. Dealing directly with vehicle users and working alongside automotive OEM's, SEA Electric supplies and licences patented technology. SEA Electric was founded in 2013. After four years of product development and testing, SEA Electric launched its commercial operations in early 2017, triggered by the reduction in battery kWh pricing, allowing for commercial feasibility in offering electric drivetrains to the global market.
Source and top image: SEA Electric
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