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High performance bicycle motor

Bosch building electric drives for ebikes with development partner Cannondale

Bosch is entering the bicycle industry with a new high performance electric drive for ebikes. With this move, the Stuttgart-based group is joining another strong growth field with the declared goal to take a leading position in this market as an engine for innovation. Cannondale, leading brand of Cycling Sports Group (CSG), part of Dorel Industries, is the partner in system development for the first generation.
Teamwork of leading innovators
"We are an ideal supplier for bicycle manufacturers," says Rainer Jeske, head of Bosch Powertrain Systems ebike, "because Bosch stands for innovation and its key competence areas in the automotive industry, like the electronic control techniques. With exciting riding experiences, advanced technology, and visually attractive system components we suit the action to the slogan: Bosch -invented for life. We are happy to partner with Cannondale who shares our ambitions."
"Cannondale is known for being at the forefront of innovation in the bicycle industry. As we look to align with strategic partners, we work with likeminded companies that are pushing the limits with new technologies that can advance the riding experience," said Bob Burbank, General Manager for Cannondale.
The headquarters of the new Bosch ebike product group is in Reutlingen, Germany. The components of the system are the drive unit with sensors, the battery pack including its charger, and the control computer on the handlebars (HMI: human/machine interface).
The high quality and reliability of the new electric drive are based on Bosch's extensive experience with technologically related components. The battery pack, for example, uses the same lithium ion technology as the mini-battery screwdriver "Ixo", the most-sold power tool in the world.
System technology with scope for versatile ebike concepts
With the modular ebike powertrain system, bicycle manufacturers receive new capabilities for profiling. For example, the low space requirements of the system components provide layout freedom for both the design and the position of the battery pack. Outstanding drive performance is provided by the strong motor, the favorably low vehicle center of gravity, a low overall weight and the powerful battery of the Bosch ebike system.
A decisive feature for a positive riding experience with ebikes is the situationally correct detection of the rider's desire for motor support while pedaling. In the Bosch drive, this task is handled by three sensors for pedaling force, pedaling frequency, and speed of travel. Depending on the sensor data, the integrated controller calculates the force with which the electric motor will "help pedaling".
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Source: Bosch
LEVA & Benjamin Consulting represent the interests of this industry and speak at the above event. LEVA is the Light Electric Vehicle Association. Two wheelers are also covered by the record breaking motor cyclists Killacycle and others.
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