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Echandia Receives Order for Navel Vessels Worth EUR 5 Million

Echandia Receives Order for Navel Vessels Worth EUR 5 Million
Echandia, a leading developer of heavy-duty energy storage solutions for maritime and industrial applications, has received an initial order for battery systems in the highly specialized naval segment. The order, which comes from major system supplier in the maritime sector, amounts to EUR 5 million and is Echandia's first foray into military applications.
Energy transition in maritime isn't just a matter for shipping and transportation. As the defence sector is starting its transition towards renewable energy sources and increasing its focus on energy efficiency it needs to find solutions that live up to the highest possible quality requirements and safety demands. Moving towards battery electrification in these applications is a way for the naval segment to strategically set the direction towards sustainable operations. For further information see the IDTechEx report on Li-ion Batteries 2020-2030.
Having successfully delivered robust and safe battery solutions to a wide range of maritime applications, this order means Echandia expands into a new market segment where safety, durability and life cycle are of utmost importance.
About Echandia
Echandia is a world leader in the development of advanced battery and fuel-cell systems for maritime and industrial applications. Echandias solutions are designed to meet the highest quality and life-time requirements and endure the toughest demands and operational profiles. Echandia is based in Stockholm, Sweden.
Source and top image: Cision
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