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Micro hybrid diesel autos will realize fuel savings of up to 15%

Maxwell Technologies is delivering production-level quantities of BOOSTCAP® ultracapacitors to Continental AG, one of the world's leading automotive electronics and mechatronics suppliers, for Continental's "E-booster" voltage stabilization system for micro hybrid automobiles.
PSA Peugeot-Citroen announced recently that Citroen C5 and C4 diesel models featuring PSA's e-HDi second generation micro hybrid system, which incorporates Continental's E-booster, is available in current models, and that it plans to equip a significant percentage of its diesel autos with the new system by 2012. PSA estimates that e-HDi micro hybrid diesel autos will realize fuel savings of up to 15 percent in city driving, helping the new cars to comply with the European Union-mandated carbon dioxide emission threshold of 130 grams of CO2 per kilometer.
"This ultra-modern technology is designed for high cycle reliability, long life, and real convenience for motorists. It is emblematic of Continental's years of experience developing hybrid systems and also of our desire to do our part to increase mileage while lowering CO2 emissions," says Bernd Neitzel, head of Continental's Powertrain Hybrid & Electric Vehicle business unit.
"This design win for a high-volume automotive application is another very significant milestone for Maxwell," said David Schramm, Maxwell's president and chief executive officer. "Continental is currently the only manufacturer of such a system, making it a global leader in stabilizing on-board electrical systems."
Micro hybrid stop-start systems reduce fuel consumption and emissions by shutting off a car's internal combustion engine as the vehicle slows and seamlessly restarting the engine when the driver engages the clutch or touches the accelerator. The ultracapacitor-based E-booster provides burst power to re-start the engine, relieving the car's battery of high current, repetitive cycling that can shorten battery life. It also provides a reservoir of power to guarantee that restarting the engine doesn't drain power away from other devices such as the radio, headlights and other comfort and safety features.
"We continue to focus on penetrating the large and strategically important automotive and transportation markets by aligning ourselves with industry leaders such as Continental and continuously strengthening our design, engineering and production capabilities," Schramm said.
Maxwell Technologies is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative, cost-effective energy storage and power delivery solutions. Our BOOSTCAP® ultracapacitor cells and multi-cell modules provide safe and reliable power solutions for applications in consumer and industrial electronics, automotive, transportation and telecommunications. Our CONDIS® high-voltage grading and coupling capacitors help to ensure the safety and reliability of electric utility infrastructure and other applications involving transport, distribution and measurement of high-voltage electrical energy. Our radiation-mitigated microelectronic products include power modules, memory modules and single board computers that incorporate powerful commercial silicon for superior performance and high reliability in aerospace applications.
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